Is Gleim CPA Review Really Adaptive?

Is Gleim Review really adaptive?

Over the past year, many review providers have revamped and upgraded their courses with the newest trend in exam prep: adaptive learning systems. As review providers apply the term “adaptive technology” to their new courses, candidates are left wondering which ones really live up to the claim. Gleim has been a leader of this evolution, breaking the mold of our previous online course (but keeping our industry-leading comprehensive coverage, of course) and ushering in a redesigned platform featuring our powerful SmartAdapt software, the most efficient adaptive technology on the market.

Innovative Technology

Adaptive learning is an approach to education that provides students with customized teaching by allocating material based on each student’s learning requirements. In other words, the system should detect what you need and then deliver the appropriate content to you.

Gleim CPA Review System’s SmartAdapt™ technology uses algorithms to change the focus of the course based on the performance of the user, such as their scores on practice quizzes. Then, we take it one step farther and actually provide guidance on what those next steps might be. For example, if you scored poorly on a multiple-choice quiz, our system will factor in what you’ve done so far in that study unit and may recommend either a review of the most relevant sections of the outline material or another quiz to shore up your knowledge. With all of the content included in each exam section, it is not uncommon for candidates to feel overwhelmed and wonder how they can ensure they are studying the right material at the right time. SmartAdapt removes the guesswork with personalized guidance so each candidate’s study path is clear and manageable.

Relevant CPA Review

Gleim CPA Review fits the needs of CPA Exam candidates seamlessly. Other review providers purchased off-the-shelf technologies designed for different exams and applied them to CPA courses, but we used our 40+ years of experience with the CPA Exam to custom-design a course. Then, our developers combined this guidance with the most recent adaptive learning research and built our proprietary SmartAdapt technology from the ground up. Into that foundation, we poured our thorough outlines and massive question banks, then added a smart guidance system to keep you focused and on-task.

Adaptive CPA Review

SmartAdapt takes a multi-directional approach to your studies to prepare you more efficiently than any other adaptive course on the market. This approach includes the following steps:

    1. Targeting your weak areas

      SmartAdapt tells you what you need to know when you need to know it. Rather than forcing you to answer hundreds of questions before you even start studying the way some courses do, we break our pre-assessment down into manageable, topic-specific chunks. SmartAdapt uses your results from quick, 20-question diagnostic quizzes taken at the start of each study unit to set your study benchmark and create a custom study plan that focuses on your weak areas. This far less overwhelming, just as in-depth way of gauging your knowledge allows you to dive right in to your review. After you’ve reviewed the exam content, SmartAdapt lets you apply what you’ve learned to practice questions that look and function just like those on the CPA Exam. SmartAdapt also delivers on-demand performance analytics for each quiz and question type so you can stay on top of your progress. SmartAdapt always suggests the most efficient learning methods first but directs you to deeper explanations as needed to help you truly understand.

    2. Guiding you through exam content

      The exceptional content coverage and other Gleim CPA Review staples have not changed. Instead, to provide candidates with truly adaptive review, we’ve enhanced our course with a brain (SmartAdapt) that makes the best study suggestions and takes the next step for you. SmartAdapt works with our intuitively organized content to show you everything you need to see before you sit for the exam. The flexibility and complete CPA Exam blueprints coverage of our course gives you the opportunity to review all of the material if you want, but SmartAdapt steers you toward the areas you need more help with so you don’t waste your time.

    3. Assuring your mastery of each topic

      Gleim CPA Review not only meets the definition of “adaptive learning,” but our course also takes adaptive learning to the next level with constant cumulative review for maximum memory retention. To get you where the CPA Exam expects you to be on a certain topic, SmartAdapt quizzes you on both recent topics and troublesome topics from previous study units. By consistently serving questions about your weaknesses, our course enables you to learn from your mistakes and keep these topics fresh in your mind.

    4. Detecting your studying roadblocks

      SmartAdapt helps you maintain efficiency and study energy by monitoring the frequency with which you take quizzes on the same topic. We help you know when enough is enough by considering the volume of MCQs or TBSs you’ve seen within a certain time period and suggesting you move on for a while in order to avoid memorizing questions or growing frustrated with that question set. Once the recommended amount of time has passed, the system reminds you that you need to go back and give it another try.

    5. Taking you through Final Review

      Once you’ve finished every study unit, SmartAdapt initiates Final Review, the most comprehensive and cumulative step in your exam prep. Final Review begins with our Exam Rehearsal. As a mirror-image simulation of the CPA Exam, Exam Rehearsal replicates the format and functionality of the exam in every possible way, including the weighting of questions based on topic, so you can practice under the most realistic testing conditions. Considering your Exam Rehearsal results, your previous scores on quizzes and simulations, and the amount of time passed since you’ve seen certain topics, SmartAdapt pinpoints your remaining weak areas. Our course then prescribes the best way for you to approach the specified study units and put up quiz scores that indicate you’re proficient enough. Whether your understanding of a concept is in critical condition or just needs a touch-up, your time in Final Review will give you that final push toward better performance on the exam.

Effective CPA Review

As candidates who sat for the latest CPA Exam version have received their scores, we’ve received lots of good news about the 2017 Gleim CPA Review. This good news includes impressive stories of achieving CPA Exam success with Gleim, like the one CPA candidate Daniel Ng shared with us:

“Due to the change in the 2017 CPA Exam syllabus, I was quite worried initially whether it will be harder to pass the examinations. However, I decided to place all my faith in the Gleim CPA Review course and stick with it throughout my entire CPA study process.

“I started studying for the course in Mar 2017, took all of the exam sections for the first time in 2017 Q3, and I’m glad that I was able to pass with the following results: AUD (93), BEC (94), FAR (85), REG (84). Firstly for the MCQ section, there were absolutely no “surprises,” as I can confidently say that almost all the questions that came out during the actual exam was what I have practiced before in the Gleim system. As for the TBS section, the “relatively tough” questions that I encountered in the Gleim system allowed me to be completely confident in solving the “relatively easier” questions in the actual exam.

“I can absolutely say that if you want to pass the CPA Examination with a safe margin in your first attempt, the Gleim CPA Review Course is definitely for you.”

Your CPA Review

Gleim SmartAdapt gives you everything you need in an adaptive CPA Review course. Combined with the comprehensive coverage and personalized support you’ve come to expect from Gleim, it’s an easy choice. Experience this innovative and powerful technology exclusively found in Gleim CPA Review by accessing our free CPA demo today!