How to Cut Your CPA Exam Cost: Part 1

reduce cpa exam costs

Saving Money on the CPA Exam

Learning about CPA Exam fees and getting an estimate of the cost of CPA Exam are important steps to take on your journey to passing the CPA Exam, but they do not have to be your only financially-related steps. If you’d like to lower the amount of money you pay to pass the CPA Exam, you can also utilize the following tips for cutting your CPA Exam cost. By discovering discounts and planning exam sections wisely, you may be surprised by just how much you can save!

Five Tips for Cutting Your CPA Exam Cost

Survey these tips to see which will work best for you, and share any other good ideas you may have in the comments section!

  1. Consider scheduling two or more exam sections at a time

    To sit for the CPA Exam, you must receive a Notice to Schedule (NTS) from NASBA. When you apply for your first NTS, you have to pay an application fee and an examination fee. The application fee is consistent, but the examination fee depends on which exam sections you would like to schedule. If you so choose, you can schedule all four parts of the CPA Exam at one time and receive just one NTS, and you would therefore only have to pay the application fee and the examination fees to pass. If you choose to not schedule all four sections at once, you will probably have to pay a registration fee along with another examination fee when you schedule the remaining parts. You will also have to pay the registration fee and the examination fee again if you have to retake a section. The fee schedule varies by state board, so the best way to know what your fees will be is to check your state board’s website. However, one way to avoid paying several registration fees is to plan to take the exam sections in a shorter period of time. Your NTS lasts for six months, and passing two exam sections in six months is very realistic. So, you can save money by planning to take two or more sections within the six-month period of one NTS. The more exam sections you schedule for that six-month period, the fewer registration fees you will have to pay. Yet, while this plan may be great for your finances, it may not be so great for your schedule or your sanity. If taking all four exams in six months is not feasible for you, you can still save money by scheduling only two or three exams at a time. Scheduling two exams at a time still cuts the number of registration fees in half.

  2. Get a discount on your CPA review course

    If you make some extra effort or do some extra planning, you can save some money on your CPA review course. Find out about sales offers from CPA review providers by signing up to receive emails from them. To discover discounts, call CPA review providers and ask about any for which you may qualify. Gleim CPA always has options like student discounts, corporation discounts, government discounts, and more available.

  3. Don’t buy outdated materials

    You may think buying from your friend or coworker who passed the exam a few years ago is a win-win for both of you, but it’s not. Old materials are really just a waste of your time and money because the exam content changes so often that you’ll probably end up learning information that won’t be appearing on the exam and not learning information that will appear on the exam. If you determine the deficiencies of your friend’s old materials before you sit for the exam, you’ll have to buy another review course. If you learn the truth after you sit for the exam, you’ll have to buy another review course and may have to pay a another registration fee as well.

  4. Don’t buy from questionable sellers

    If you’re looking for second-hand CPA review materials on sites like eBay and Craig’s List, you are taking a risk with your money and your CPA review. The book you receive may turn out to be a photocopied hodgepodge of outdated, pirated content, and when you buy from a seller who doesn’t offer guarantees, you won’t be eligible to receive free content updates.

  5. Only buy one CPA review course for each section

    Do your research and choose the CPA review course that will work best for you so you don’t have to supplement it with materials from another course. If you buy a course that doesn’t have a very large test bank and then realize the largest CPA test bank would be helpful, you’ll have to spend more money on a product you already have to ensure you get what you need to pass. Thoroughly investigating your CPA review options to find the course that will meet all your needs can protect your budget and prevent you from collecting review courses.

More Tips for Cutting Your CPA Exam Cost

These tips for cutting your CPA Exam cost mostly apply to the research and CPA review purchases you make before you begin taking the exam. We’ve also compiled some tips for cutting your CPA Exam costs that you can use after you start taking the CPA Exam.

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