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Candidate Spotlight: Christopher Jolly

When taking a beastly test like the CPA Exam, candidates often prepare for months and months. Yet when exam day comes, their confidence level is shaky at best. After studying for such an extensive period of time, you deserve to feel completely at home with the CPA Exam, and the right CPA prep course can assist you with that feeling. However, in case you are still struggling with anxiety when you sit for the exam, the right CPA prep course should also help you feel totally prepared even if you don’t feel totally peaceful.

Trusting a CPA Prep Course

You want to find a CPA prep course you can depend on more than your own feelings; one that covers the exam content so well that the proof is in your practice quiz percentages even when it is not in your heart. Christopher Jolly, CPA, put his faith in Gleim CPA as he studied for the CPA Exam, and his faith paid off as he passed the different sections. Though passing the CPA Exam was no simple feat, Christopher knew he could accomplish it with Gleim CPA Review.

“The CPA Exam was the most daunting test I’ve ever attempted. I would frequently think how foreign the material looked when initiating studies for a new section. My first scores often ranged in the low 30%, and I would question how I was going to elevate my understanding to the required 75% passing level. Rather than wasting time in doubt, I followed the Gleim Review System and watched my scores gradually increase to the 80% range in each of the four sections. I suffered from the same uncertainties that all candidates experience on exam day, but I trusted that I was well-trained and as prepared as anyone for what would be covered on the exam.”

Christopher trusted in Gleim CPA early on in his CPA Exam experience, shortly after discovering the benefits the CPA license could bring. “I was in the same accounting position for 6 years before having the epiphany that further education was required for me to succeed in achieving the career and financial growth I desired. With guidance from my mentor, who happened to be the controller of the company, I decided that earning a CPA would put me on a path for an advanced position in the accounting field.

“I quickly realized a review system was a must for me to have any chance of passing the exam. After researching all available study tools, I took the recommendation of two colleagues and purchased the Gleim Review System. My coworkers passed all sections on the first attempt by using Gleim. The favorable price of Gleim and the proven testimonial of two people I knew was enough for me to rely on Gleim without hesitation.”

Committing to a CPA Prep Course

Christopher devoted himself to passing each section of the CPA Exam, and he made the sacrifices necessary to afford sufficient study time. Aided by the intuitive tools of the Gleim CPA Review System, he effectively divided his attention between his family, job, and studies. “Preparing for the CPA exam is challenging. The time commitment required for success can cause tension in a family and absences at the workplace. Gleim Review provides structure through the use of a dynamic onlineChristopher Jolly Piloting Pic study calendar. This tool is an absolute must for staying on track with assignments as well as keeping those around you informed of your availability.”

The convenience and thorough coverage of the other review system components were also essential to Christopher’s CPA Exam success. Christopher testified, “Gleim does an excellent job of providing multiple platforms for users to access study material. I relied heavily on the Gleim audio files during my two hour daily commute to work. Repetitively listening to key terminology reinforced topics and principles covered in the AUD and BEC section of the CPA exam. Users will likely find a favorite tool within the Gleim Review System. Among the most valuable to me was the sizable MCQ test bank. Practicing thousands of MCQs allowed me to perfect my timing and ensure my understanding of specific content.”

Succeeding with a CPA Prep Course

Though the process of passing the CPA Exam was trying, the reward was beyond satisfying. In the end, Christopher’s primary feelings were pride and gratitude. “The path to becoming a CPA was an emotional one for me, and I have great empathy for others attempting this exam. The rewarding sense of pride from achieving such a significant goal is well worth the opportunity cost and sacrifice. My successful completion of the 4 CPA Exam sections in 11 months while working full-time and commuting 2 hours a day is a direct result of the Gleim Review System. I’m forever grateful for all the associates of Gleim who provided top-notch phone and email support as well as relevant study material. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping me achieve my goal.”

Discover how the Gleim CPA Review System can also help you achieve the goal of passing the CPA Exam by learning more about the study materials in which Christopher and thousands of other candidates have trusted. With the largest CPA test bank on the market and the most exam-emulating software, Gleim CPA will have you feeling 100% prepared.