Improved Scoring Timeline

When the AICPA launched CBT-e on January 1, 2011, candidates who sat for the exam during the first three testing windows experienced delays in receiving their exam scores. This was due to the magnitude of changes introduced by CBT-e, which required extra analysis to verify that questions accurately captured candidate performance, and ensured that only qualified candidates enter the CPA profession.

The analysis has been completed and, beginning with the current testing window (October/November 2011), scores will be released on an accelerated – and, for the most part, predictable – timeline. Garrett Gleim outlined the new timeline in a recent Hot Topics email. International Candidates will receive their scores on the same timeline as those sitting in one of the 54 jurisdictions.

One of the contributing factors to the accelerated grading is the implementation of Task-Based Simulations (TBS), replacing the previous traditional simulations. The Task-Based simulations are shorter, making it easier to gather information. They can now be pre-tested in the same way as multiple-choice questions. The result is that now simulations can be graded as quickly as multiple-choice questions, leading to quicker scoring and grade release for CPA candidates.