Other Certification Review materials

Question: I am a CPA candidate and am interested in Gleim. Why does Gleim offer other certification review materials and how would that benefit me?

Answer: Dr. Gleim, Professor Emeritus at the University of Florida, has used his love of teaching and learning to create his successful Knowledge Transfer Systems. These systems are designed to suit the learning styles of busy professionals and students alike. Over thirty years ago, Gleim began by providing tools to assist candidates in passing the CPA Exam; and because we had so much success with candidates using our CPA System, we began offering Knowledge Transfer Systems for other certificates. A CPA should always consider pursuing other certifications. If you are an auditor, then consider being a Certified Internal Auditor. For tax enthusiasts, the Enrolled Agent is just what you need to advertise your tax expertise. After you pass your exam using the CPA Review System, you will be able to continue your pursuit of other certifications using the system you are familiar with and has worked for you!