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Testing tips for CPA task-based simulations
Whether you are preparing to encounter 4 Task-Based Simulations (TBSs) on BEC or 8 TBSs on AUD, FAR, and REG, you need to plan how you will approach the TBSs under CPA Exam conditions. Completing these unique question types in the testing environment requires careful forethought and extensive practice. After you have applied the best CPA...
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2017 CPA exam pass rates
With the launch of a new CPA Exam version and a delayed score release, 2017 was a momentous period in CPA Exam history, and the release of the Q4 2017 CPA Exam pass rates adds yet another significant event to this year’s timeline. The last batch of pass rates provides additional information about the latest...
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NASBA new experience verification service for CPA
The journey to becoming a CPA involves meeting several requirements for licensure, one of which is the experience requirement. While this requirement differs depending on the jurisdiction involved, the majority of state boards expect CPA candidates to complete 1-2 years of work in public accounting, and this work must be verified by a CPA. Until...
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How to handle the CPA exam process
Candidate Spotlight: Keisha Calderon If you’re concerned about managing mass amounts of CPA Exam information, you’re not alone: other CPA candidates like Keisha Calderon have had similar concerns. On her way to passing the CPA Exam, Keisha took these steps, so you can steel your brain cells and stay calm by following them as well....
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Score release dates for 2018 CPA exam
When it comes to the CPA Exam score release, 2017 has been an interesting year. The release of the CPA Exam scores for each quarter has not progressed as normal due to some significant exam changes, but the AICPA’s recent announcement of the 2018 CPA Exam score release dates indicates that the score release anomaly...
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Choosing a CPA State Board
While there are several organizations involved in the CPA licensing process, the state boards of accountancy are the only ones with the authority to award the CPA license. The state boards are also the only CPA governing bodies that you have a choice to work with during the process of earning the CPA. Before you...
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Tips for CPA BEC written communication section
To assess the professional competencies of CPA candidates, the CPA Exam includes many challenging case study simulations that very closely resemble real-life scenarios. On the BEC CPA Exam section, some of these simulations take the form of a writing skills exercise requiring candidates to write a memo or a letter in response to a hypothetical...
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The cost of the CPA Exam
The process of passing the CPA Exam involves three key components: time, effort, and money. The amount of time and effort required fluctuates per candidate, as each will have unique life situations and educational backgrounds. However, the amount of money is less varied due to the fact that the different organizations associated with the Uniform...
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CPA Exam BEC section
One of the four sections of the CPA Exam is Business Environment and Concepts (BEC). Like the other three sections, the BEC CPA Exam section contains testlets of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and Task-Based Simulations (TBSs), but BEC is unique because it also has Written Communications (WCs). While the total testing time and testing process of...
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