Professional Accounting Literature

The AICPA now provides free access to the professional literature used in the Simulation questions. CPA candidates can get a free six-month subscription to a literature package, which includes AICPA Professional Standards, FASB Current Text, and FASB Original Pronouncements. Only candidates who have received their NTS (Notice to Schedule) will receive free access to this literature. Educators can obtain free access to the AICPA Professional Standards, while students may access it by paying a small fee.

To access the Professional Literature visit the AICPA’s exam web site here and follow the links. You will need the information on your NTS to register for free access.

With this literature and the Simulations in Gleim’s CPA Review Online course and the Simulation Wizard, CPA candidates can emulate the Simulations as they appear on the Prometric exam. Practicing the Simulation questions prior to sitting for the CPA exam is vital. You do not want to waste valuable exam time learning how to use the Simulations.