The CPA Exam’s Written Communication

Beginning January 1, 2011, candidates will have three written communication tasks for BEC. The written communication tabs will no longer be tested in REG, AUD, or FAR.

For each written communication tab, you will be presented with a situation that requires a response in a professional memo or letter. Remember, the point of the written communication is to test your ability to communicate with your colleagues and/or clients.

According the the AICPA, the written communication tasks are graded based upon grammar, spelling, and flow. In other words, these essays are really graded upon skills and qualities that an English professor would look for, rather than an accounting professor. That being said, your response must be on topic and helpful to the hypothetical recipient. You should NOT stress about being perfect with the information provided in the written communication tasks. Instead, concentrate on the grammar, the spelling, and the flow. Do not use tables, bullet point lists, or other non-standard formatting.