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Update on New Research/Authoritative Literature Tab

Update on the New Research/Authoritative Literature Tab

The new Research/Authoritative Literature Interface is a success. Below are instructions taken from the CPA exam website,, on how to use the Topical Search function when you are using the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) literature to locate your subject matter.

Clicking on the Topical Index will reveal an alphabetical index in the table of contents (left) pane. Clicking any of the letters in the index will load the topics beginning with that letter.

You may want or need to resize the table of contents pane and scroll down to reveal more of the topical index and to locate the topic of your choice. Once you locate the topic you are looking for guidance on, click on the topic. Clicking on the topic presents a more detailed set of index entries and related topics in the document (center) pane.

Clicking on entries in the document pane that begin with “See” will take you to other related topics in the Topical Index. Entries below the related links represent specific subtopics that are dealt with in the FASB standards. Use the vertical scroll bar to see the complete list of subtopics available.

Due to the limited width of the document pane, you will need to use the horizontal scroll bar to reveal the links associated with each of the subtopics. Click on a link to go to the FASB document that deals with the subtopic.

You will use the Answer (right) pane to select your choice from the options given.

Many candidates have not been aware that they need to scroll vertically and horizontally to see the documents they are searching for which has lead to anxiety during the test. It is important to be in control and to stay focused and calm when taking your exam. Please go to the AICPA’s exam site,, to see a tutorial or do a sample test of the Topical Index so you know what to expect when taking the exam.

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