Who Should Take the CPA Exam

All persons who wish to describe themselves as accountants and/or who have majored in accounting should take the CPA exam. It is expected of them. People who say they are accountants or accounting majors are frequently asked, “Are you a CPA?”

The CPA examination is designed to measure professional competence in auditing, business law, taxation, accounting, and related business topics, including

  1. The command of adequate technical knowledge
  2. The ability to apply such knowledge skillfully and with good judgment
  3. An understanding of professional responsibilities

Passing this exam validates and confirms your professional accounting education and requires your complete dedication and determination. The benefits include higher salary, increased confidence and competence, and recognition as a member of an elite group of professionals.

The CPA designation is prestigious, and it is a source of pride to those who have achieved it. Do not delay taking the CPA exam. You will very likely regret throughout your professional career a decision not to take the CPA exam, even if you do not work in public accounting.