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Changes to the EA Exam

Good news!

The following information about the 2006 exam has recently been posted on the IRS website:

Selection of a vendor to develop and administer the Special Enrollment Examination

Thomson Prometric has been selected to develop and administer the Internal Revenue Service’s Special Enrollment Examination. It is the goal of the IRS to have Thomson Prometric develop and administer the next Special Enrollment Examination before the end of 2006. We will post additional information on this website as it becomes available, including when the exam will be administered.

Accordingly, Gleim will release the EA Gleim Online within the coming weeks so that you may begin your preparation immediately. Before our 2006 books and Test Prep CD-Rom are published, however, we need information from the IRS regarding:

  1. The content of the exam.
  2. The format of the exam (paper and pencil vs computer-based; multiple-choice vs essay questions).
  3. The date or dates of the exam.
  4. The date when the application for the exam will be available.
  5. The deadline for applying for the 2006 exam.
  6. The status of conditional credit for the 2005 exam.
  7. The exam fees.

Our recommendation to the IRS and Prometric is to use the format of past exams for the 2006 testing window to ensure that candidates are adequately prepared. We believe that Prometric will be in a better position to make structural and other changes in 2007, when Prometric will have had time to interact with the IRS, EA Test Prep Review providers, and the tax practitioner community.

Place your order now for the 2006 EA Complete System (books, Test Prep CD-Rom, and Gleim Online for all four parts) so you can begin using Gleim Online as soon as it is available. The Gleim Online course will allow you to begin studying our comprehensive outlines right away, and will hone your test-taking skills through interactive true/false and multiple-choice quizzes. Additionally, the online format allows us to quickly add or change information as Prometric releases updates on the exam content and format.

When the books and Test Prep CD-Rom are ready, they will automatically be sent to you at no additional charge and you will be prepared to PASS the EA exam!

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