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EA Gleim Online Reorganization

The structure of EA Gleim Online will change by July 24th, as to reflect the format of the new, three-part, computerized EA exam. This change is a reorganization of the already updated content of Gleim Online. There will be a few further changes to the course in August.

Our previous editions of EA Review contained 10 Study Units per Part. However, due to the new organization of topics, each part of Gleim’s 2006 EA Review will contain varying numbers of Study Units. Part 1 will contain 14 Study Units, Part 2, which tests the largest volume of topics, will contain 20 Study Units, and Part 3 will contain 7 Study Units.

Performance data will not be transferred from the current four-part Gleim Online to the new three-part Gleim Online. Those candidates already using EA Gleim Online should continue reviewing in the four-part format until the change has been made. After the change, those candidates will have access to both the four-part and three-part versions of EA Gleim Online until the next update in August. Once the update is complete in August, access to the four-part format will end.

We expect the IRS to release more information about the exam very soon. Check this forum weekly for the latest updates.

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