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How To Avoid Distractions

Last week I offered some reminders about why you shouldn’t let the holidays distract you from your goal of passing the EA Exam. It can be easy to remember why you want to become certified, but sometimes it is difficult to figure out how to put that into action. Here are a couple of helpful tips on how you can remain focused.

Stay focused by writing down your study schedule. I can’t stress this point enough, especially with all the holiday traveling and special events approaching. Consider your study time as an appointment with success, and write it in your calendar. You may have to make small adjustments because of travel times or last-minute invitations that you can’t pass up, but if you already have it written in your calendar, you are more likely to reschedule your study appointment rather than just canceling it.

While you are attending your holiday networking events, ask those who are already certified what becoming a EA has done for them and how they worked studying into their busy schedules. This will serve as a reminder of the importance of your commitment (even during this busy time of year) to set aside the time and focus on your studies.

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