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Contact Us : 800.874.5346        International: +1 352.375.0772

Renewing Enrollment

According to the IRS, Enrolled Agents with Social Security Numbers ending in 7, 8, or 9 (and foreign citizens without a Social Security Number) must renew their enrollment between November 1, 2005 and January 31, 2006. The application for renewal has been mailed out automatically to these Enrolled Agents.

If you did not receive a renewal application because your address has changed since the time of your last renewal, please send the IRS a signed, dated statement including your Social Security Number and enrollment number. Please mail your change of address letters to:

Enrolled Practitioner Program
P.O. Box 33968
Detroit, MI 48232

Enrolled Agents may also send a fax to (313) 234-1293, or an email to

Please note: If you initially were enrolled after November 1, 2005, your enrollment card is effective through March 31, 2009 and you will not be required to renew at this time.

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