Start Studying Smarter With Gleim EA Review 2013

Start Studying Smarter With Gleim EA Review 2013

Gleim has released the new EA Review System featuring more user-friendly navigation and completely updated content. The new 2013 edition for EA Review includes improvements and changes based on valued customer feedback as well as content updates that reflect what will be tested in 2013. Candidates should use the 2013 edition for any EA part they plan to take from May 1, 2013-February 28, 2014. As always, the Gleim EA Review System delivers multi-platform learning and content authored by experienced educators.

The 2013 EA Review System will include a brand new feature: Gleim Test Prep Online. With Test Prep Online, thousands of questions that emulate the exam environment can be accessed online anywhere, anytime. Gleim Test Prep Online will work on any mobile device or tablet as well as standard PCs or Macs with Internet access. Test Prep Online also allows you to create unlimited Practice Exams that emulate the look and feel of the Prometric testing environment.

“The key to candidate success is practicing in an exam-emulating environment,” stated Dr. Gleim. “Gleim has been updated to be more user-friendly then ever with the same great exam-emulating tools that our candidates have come to expect.”

Gleim is also excited to announce comes in the form of more intuitive navigation and a more integrated Personal Classroom. Our developers have worked hard to improve your online experience and ensure that our courses lend themselves to efficient and effective studying.

Candidates who purchased the Gleim 2012 Review System* may qualify for product replacement at no additional cost (shipping costs for the new books do apply). Please call your Personal Counselor at 800.874.5346, ext 498 today to find out if you are eligible for this benefit.