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Shoulds and Should Nots

Most candidates who do not pass the EA exam on their first attempt have not adequately prepared prior to the exam. To pass, you should:

  1. Use the Gleim EA Review System, which consists of books, Test Prep Software download, Audio Reviews, Test Prep for Windows Mobile, and EA Gleim Online.
  2. Have frequent interaction with your Personal Counselor for advice on studying schedules and methods.
  3. Check this Forum regularly to find the most updated information on the format and content of the EA exam.

Conversely, you should not:

  1. Lose control. Unless you are a natural at something, most endeavors will improve with explicit control. This adage is particularly true with the EA exam.
  2. Lack confidence. No matter how little or how much you have studied, do the best you can while you are studying and on exam day. No one can ask for more.

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