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FAME: Financial Accounting Made Easy     Buy Now

Gleim Financial Accounting Made Easy is an introductory course for people interested in learning how to prepare and use financial statements. It is particularly helpful to those struggling to understand the double-entry system and basic bookkeeping process.

EQE: Exam Questions and Explanations     Buy Now

Students who have used the Gleim Exam Questions and Explanations books and Test Prep to supplement their accounting courses have experienced higher comprehension skills and increased test scores on college exams.

Campus Representative Program

Are you entering your senior year or grad school? Become a GLEIM Campus Rep and be a part of our team by telling all of your classmates about GLEIM.

Free Careers in Accounting Booklet

Students, get started with our free Careers in Accounting online booklet. It was developed to be a highly informative booklet covering everything from learning and understanding to your certification exams and professional practices. So start with your right foot forward and succeed with Gleim!