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The Benefits of Personal Counselors

Support from Gleim CIA Personal Counselors

Six out of every ten attempts at the CIA exam in 2016 ended in failure. In terms of pass rate, the CIA’s is incredibly low. This may be the hardest test you ever take. We don’t say that to alarm you out, even though it might. We tell you this because you’re pursuing a prestigious and challenging certification, and you must be a top candidate to pass. While your education and intuition will be useful, preparing properly is going to make or break you on the CIA exam. This is especially true if you want to pass all three parts of the exam the first time. One of the best things you can do to ensure success is to build a support system of people who can encourage and accommodate you while you study exam materials from the review course you choose. For a lot of CIA exam candidates, asking for help and support is the key to staying motivated when studying gets arduous. When you choose Gleim, we add one more person to your support system: a Personal Counselor.

The Benefits of Personal Counselors

Your Personal Counselor, chosen from our team of exam experts, will continuously supply you with assistance and advice until you pass the CIA exam. Gleim Personal Counselors help candidates pass accounting certification exams every day, and they can do the same for you. The extra support they provide may be the difference between passing and receiving an award recognizing an excellent score. The many benefits of having a Personal Counselor include:

1. Setting up a Study Plan

Having a Personal Counselor available for support helped to pull the whole experience together.” – Jennifer Louie, CPA, CA, CIA (Canada) A solid study plan is essential for passing your exam, but making one may not always seem so easy. If you need tips and suggestions for developing the ideal study plan for you, you can turn to your Personal Counselor. As exam and review schedule specialists, Gleim Personal Counselors will help you begin the process of producing a personalized path to exam success by discussing your schedule and introducing you to our interactive Study Planner. They can even help you determine whether it would benefit you to take Part 3 of the exam before Parts 1 or 2.

2. Personalized Study Advice

I appreciated my Gleim Personal Counselor, who always answered my questions quickly, and gave me lots of good advice and encouragement! She was professional, knowledgeable, and helpful, with a super-positive attitude.” – Brian Lair, CIA, Kurt Riedener Bronze Award winner Taking the CIA exam may not be personal, but your journey to passing it is. You are a unique individual who learns best when you receive information in a certain way. With guidance and coaching tailored to you, you can discover the specific steps that will enable you to learn the exam content in the most efficient way. There may be times when you struggle with a particular topic within the IIA exam syllabus or need to fine-tune your question-answering techniques to save time. When you share with your Personal Counselor what you’ve been doing, what is working, and what isn’t, they can use their experience working with candidates and their knowledge of effective study techniques to suggest the learning and testing methods that will work best for you.

3. Direct Answers

My Personal Counselor through Gleim always responded promptly and made sure my questions were answered.” – Becky Giombi When you’re deep in CIA study materials and engrossed in your journey to passing, the information you need to know that isn’t purely exam content can feel like a lot to research and remember. When do I need to sign up? What strategies will help save time when answering questions? How quickly do I get my official IIA score report? When you need to save brain space, our Personal Counselors can share all the important details about each step toward certification. Whether you want to know about the CIA exam process or the exam itself, just send them your questions to receive clear answers hassle-free!

4. Constant Encouragement

I was particularly pleased with the Gleim Access Until You Pass and Personal Counselors, both of which made me feel as though the company and the Personal Counselors were fully invested in my passing of the exam.” – Naomi Pipes, CIA Passing all three parts of the CIA exam is more like running a marathon than it is a sprint. You may become frustrated, stressed, or worn out during this time. If such feelings arise, our Personal Counselors will be there to mitigate them with genuine empathy and encouragement. Your Personal Counselor knows all about the trials and tribulations that come with conquering the CIA exam. They speak the language of exam candidates trying to get through the exam, so they can impart inspiration and insight that will lift your spirits and keep you focused.

Access to Personal Counselors

You can customize the level of interaction you have with your Personal Counselor as you study. Whether you choose consistent or sporadic communication, your Personal Counselor will be available as you need them. They are one of the features that sets us apart from the competition. Gleim is the only CIA Review Course that gives you access to this kind of personalized CIA exam support. “The support from the Gleim Team, particularly the Personal Counselors, makes it a very student-friendly and well-designed study package for the CIA exams. I am sincerely thankful for their unwavering support during my studies. I always got feedback to my queries, providing me with information and assisting me in diverse ways, all without hesitation. I passed all 3 exams at the first sitting within one year.” – Mercy Harrison-Indome, CIA The ability to speak with our Personal Counselors is just one reason why ours is the #1 CIA Review Course on the market. To learn more about Personal Counselors and the rest of the ways Gleim can help you pass, check out our CIA exam website and access our free CIA Exam Guide.