CIA Exam Study Tips
Certified internal auditor study material to help you pass in 2019, when taking the test in another language
It is not news that the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) exam has changed in 2019. For most people, this means you should already be studying for the new version of the exam. But, if you’re an international candidate or non-native English speaker, you need to decide which language you are going to take the exam...
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tips to pass the cia exam in 2018
Keeping New Year’s resolutions is hard. In fact, it’s so hard that it’s become a culture-wide joke. Resolutions aren’t measured in success or failure for that year, they’re measured by the number of days you lasted before you said, “Forget it,” and threw your new running shoes into a river. When you decide to pass...
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cia exam question tips
The only kind of question you’ll see on the CIA exam is multiple-choice. While you’ve seen multiple-choice questions (MCQs) before, you have yet to face the over 300 MCQs appearing on all three parts of the CIA exam combined. So while this question type is familiar, the best practices for answering them probably aren’t. But...
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