4/30/04 Contacting State Boards

CPA Exam candidates frequently complain about the difficulty of getting CPA exam information from most State Boards. Contacting a live person can be extremely hard and e-mail responses may take 1 to 2 weeks. If you have questions about the CPA exam or the registration process, please contact our experts first by calling 1-800-874-5346 ext. 498 or by sending an email to cpa@gleim.com. You will save a tremendous amount of time as our experts can answer most CPA related questions.

Regarding the Simulation questions, one candidate reported that copying documents into the research tab was very complicated and difficult. The candidate was not able to delete text after it had been pasted in and had difficulty highlighting certain material. Avoid this and similar problems by practicing Simulations using Gleim’s Review Online and/or Simulation Wizard.

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