Computer Crashes

One candidate reported that her computer crashed during the exam. When rebooted, the computer clock displayed more time than was displayed before the crash, which lead the candidate to assume that her answers were lost. We followed up with the AICPA, and they assured us and the candidate that the scores were saved. See her e-mail below:

“I worked for approximately 45 minutes on Testlet #4, completed all of the question tabs, and then clicked on the ‘Done’ button. Then the screen went blank except for the message, ‘Illegal Operation – the system will close down’. I ran out and asked the exam monitor to come in and look at the screen. The exam monitor could not get the computer to respond. She turned the CPU off and told me that she would work on getting it back on track. Since I had finished Testlet #4, I signed out and took a 5-minute break. The exam monitor asked me to return to the computer and showed me that she had gotten the screen that shows, ‘You have indicated you are finished with this testlet. Do you want to continue?’ I clicked on ‘Continue’, then showed the exam monitor that the ‘Time remaining’ indicator now read 3 hours and 18 minutes. I told her that I had only about 1 hour remaining on the exam before the computer failed. She recommended that I continue with the test, so I did. The exam monitor told me that she had filed a CPR (an error report) documenting the computer problems.”