How to Cut Your CPA Exam Costs: Part 2

cutting cpa costs

Saving Money on the CPA Exam

Once you learn all about the CPA Exam fees and begin to total the cost of CPA Exam, you may be looking for some ways to save. Thankfully, there are many different steps you can take to lower the amount of money you spend in the process of passing the CPA Exam. We’ve already divulged five ideas for reducing your CPA Exam cost, so catch up on those first. Then add these additional tips for cutting your CPA Exam costs.

Five More Tips for Cutting Your CPA Exam Costs

  1. Buy all four sections at once

    If you have researched carefully and are confident in the CPA review course you have chosen, you can save money overall if you buy all four sections at once instead of buying each section separately. The initial purchase will be greater, but with courses like Gleim CPA Review, you can actually save almost $250 by opting for the complete CPA review system. When you buy the Gleim Premium CPA Review System, you will get more materials for your money, and you will also receive free shipping in the contiguous 48 states. More money saved!

  2. Don’t buy supplemental products

    Purchasing additional products like pre-made flashcards may be convenient and seem worthwhile at the time, but it costs much more money to buy a review provider’s flashcards than it does to make them yourself. Making your own flashcards is not only better for your wallet, but it is also better for your brain. The process of compiling important information and writing it down by hand helps your mind more effectively comprehend and retain that information. Don’t let a review provider rob you of both your money and your memories by buying flashcards or other excessive products.

  3. Pass each section the first time

    Put the time and effort necessary into passing each section the first time so you can bypass those registration fees. Visualizing success while preparing for the CPA Exam and relying on your CPA study plan to maintain your motivation can help you stay on track. Remembering how much you have already sacrificed can also contribute to the development of your determination. You receive the greatest return on your financial investment when the rewards stay big and the investment stays small.

  4. Reschedule an exam section a month in advance

    Another way to sidestep the registration fees is to continually gauge how prepared you feel as your exam date draws closer. If you don’t feel like you will be ready by the time you are supposed to sit for an exam section, rescheduling your exam may be a money-saving move. As long as you do so a month in advance, rescheduling your exam date is easy and gives you peace of mind rather than another fee to pay. At least 30 days before your exam date, visit the Prometric website and select a new date. Then, check for the confirmation email and get back to studying!

  5. Pass before time runs out

    After you pass your first section of the CPA Exam, you will have 18 months to pass the remaining three sections. If you don’t take them all within that time period, you will lose credit for the first one you passed and will have to retake it. Furthermore, if your CPA Exam journey extends beyond 18 months for any reason, you may also have to pay to extend access to your CPA review course, as some expire after 18 months. The best way to make the 18-month exam deadline is to create a CPA Exam study schedule and stick with it. The best way to get out of paying a review provider’s renewal fee is to buy a review system that doesn’t expire until you pass, like the Gleim Premium CPA Review System that comes with a true Access Until You Pass® Guarantee.

Making the Most of Your CPA Exam Costs

As you know, passing the CPA Exam can take a lot out of you, but the benefits of becoming a CPA will give it all back and then some! To make the most of the money you’ll spend on the CPA Exam until then, invest in a CPA review system that provides the highest quality exam prep at a great price. Gleim CPA offers expertly-authored CPA study materials with exceptional value. Learn more about Gleim CPA Review today to see just how much you can get for your money.