CPA Hot Topics 02/10/12 – CPA Review System 2012 Edition

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CPA Review System 2012 Changes

Several changes were implemented in the 2012 Edition of our CPA Review materials to make it even easier for you to study and PASS the CPA Exam. As a former candidate, I know how important it is to understand how your review system is working to help you do your best on the exam, so I will explain some of the improvements to the CPA Review System in this issue of Hot Topics.

We reviewed all of our customer feedback. Your feedback was then used to omit unnecessary information and to improve explanations in all four sections. Regulation has been updated for any relevant federal taxation and law changes. Business was reworked to provide more examples and illustrations. Auditing was modified to reflect new Auditing Standards as well as to clarify the discussion of some of the more complicated issues. All content has been made more visually appealing, and there is now a narrative flow through the entire Knowledge Transfer system so it is even more intuitive.

The biggest changes were made in Financial, where we improved all aspects of our review system. For example, a significant improvement includes the addition of an interactive component for creating journal entries in the audiovisuals in CPA Gleim Online. Candidates studying Financial will also benefit from the new IFRS index, more mnemonics (memory aids), and a better progression that is mindful of how the materials are connected and should be studied. There are now more examples and easier-to-understand charts, concepts, and journal entries. Further, you now go through the consolidation section as if you were actually consolidating a company, which makes a very difficult topic much easier to understand. Concepts that are no longer being tested in this section, such as bankruptcy accounting, have been removed.

The entire Gleim 2012 Review System has been streamlined and revamped to offer you a better study experience. Candidates using the 2012 Edition will find it much easier and faster to pass with these new materials. Please continue to send us your feedback at We promise to deliver the best CPA Review for the money, so you can feel comfortable referring your friends and associates to Gleim.

Good luck on your studies! —

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