CPA Test Prep Software

This CPA Prep Tip concerns Gleim’s CPA Test Prep Software.

CPA Test Prep Software consists of four sections, one for each section of the exam. Each section contains over 1,200 multiple-choice questions for you to practice in an exam-like environment.

Using the software in a test session, you will need to specify the subject matter coverage, number of questions, and order of questions and answers. Question order and coverage can be randomized. You do not have access to correct answers or answer explanations in a Test session until it is complete. This is to emulate the exam environment. Once you complete the quiz in Test session, you may then go back and review in Study session. The software provides an explanation of each answer you select in a study session.

The Performance menu item provides numerical, percentage, and graphical explanations of your performance by Gleim study units. The Gleim CPA Test Prep Software is an excellent CPA Review tool that should be used by all serious exam candidates as a component of the Gleim CPA Review System.