Dr. Gleim: Our Favorite Teacher

Dr. Gleim, our favorite teacher

With another Teacher’s Day come and gone, Gleim would like to honor the teacher to whom we owe decades of success. Dr. Irvin Gleim, Ph.D., CIA, CMA, CFM, CPA, founded Gleim CPA Review in 1974 after writing one of the first CPA review books. Since then, he has enabled Gleim to help millions of accounting professionals pass their accounting certification exams. With each new course released, Gleim continues to fulfill our mission of preparing exam candidates that Dr. Gleim committed to so long ago.

Getting to Know Dr. Gleim

In the early 1970s, Dr. Gleim earned his doctoral degree in accounting from the University of Illinois, worked for a year in a large accounting firm, and served as an accounting professor for Pittsburgh State University and Illinois State University. He also met and married his wife Darlene. The couple eventually settled in Gainesville, Florida, where Dr. Gleim taught at the University of Florida.

Dr. Gleim and his wife worked together to produce the original Gleim CPA Review book: he wrote it, and she typed and edited it. Their initial venture into accounting exam review courses advanced the industry and served as the foundation for Gleim Exam Prep, the leader in accounting exam prep for over 40 years. By 1980, sales of Gleim CPA Review to accounting students and CPA candidates had encompassed more than 90% of the CPA review book market.

Learning with the Gleim Methodology

Helping accountants succeed in both their classrooms and their careers has been the continuously motivating mission of Dr. Gleim and Gleim Exam Prep. As a teacher and CEO, Dr. Gleim has established rigorous standards ensuring that Gleim courses are always innovative, effective, and beneficial to the profession.

The Gleim methodology for passing your exam involves learning from your mistakes and answering questions in order to maximize study time and minimize surprises on exam day. Gleim courses direct you to start your review with a diagnostic quiz in order to determine your weak areas. To improve your understanding and solidify your knowledge, our courses then provide expertly-authored study materials that break exam information down into succinct and simple formats like outlines and video lectures. Gleim believes that opportunities to gauge what you know are essential for progress, so our courses contain the largest test banks available. We offer more questions than any other provider so that you’re prepared for every type of exam question, and we include detailed answer explanations so you can learn from both correct and incorrect answer choices.

Honoring the Gleim Legacy

The tried and proven Gleim methodology has led Dr. Gleim to momentous and memorable prosperity in the field of accounting. While serving as an accounting professor at UF’s Fisher School of Accounting for 17 years, Dr. Gleim taught thousands of the brightest accounting students in the state, and when he retired in 1988, he became Professor Emeritus. In 2013, the Fisher School commemorated Dr. Gleim’s term as a beloved and influential faculty member by dedicating the atrium of Gerson Hall to him. The Dr. Irvin N. Gleim Atrium now features a plaque acknowledging his academic research and professional accomplishments as well as a display of his accounting exam prep products.

Not only has Dr. Gleim helmed the company that has helped candidates pass more than 1 million CPA exams, but he has also expanded Gleim Exam Prep to offer CMA, CIA, and EA review courses. Gleim CMA, CIA, and EA Review are the most widely used and have trained more CMAs, CIAs, and EAs than any other course on the market.

Going Onward and Upward with Gleim

With such a long and enduring history in the industry, Gleim has so many success stories, and our next one can be yours. Dr. Gleim wants to see every accountant move onward and upward with their career, so our courses come with the study materials that will give you every advantage on your exams, like personalized assistance from exam and accounting experts and an Access Until You Pass® Guarantee. Learn more about our review courses today so you can experience Dr. Gleim’s effective exam prep!