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New AICPA Questions Released


AICPA released questions and sims, and how they benefit you

The AICPA recently released a new batch of CPA Exam questions. As such, the Gleim team is adding new questions—most importantly, task-based simulations (TBSs or “sims”)—to our CPA Review course!

Before we discuss new sims, here’s a quick, basic overview of what all is being released.

2019 AICPA Released Content

Exam section

MCQs released

TBSs released

Research Sims

Written Communications





















The release of new questions is a big deal, because the highest quality CPA Exam review courses include these released questions in their practice question banks.

However, some review courses merely add these released questions directly to their banks. In contrast, the Gleim CPA team takes time to study the released questions and make them more useful to candidates. As with MCQs, practicing sims is much more worth your time when you have access to answer explanations. Therefore, our accounting experts and review course developers add comprehensive answer explanations to these questions before adding them to our course.

That’s right, Gleim CPA doesn’t just show you real CPA Exam questions, we walk you through real CPA Exam questions!

Sims are changing the exam landscape so practice, practice, practice!

Every section of the CPA Exam includes task-based simulations. Sims require you to complete four to eight tasks that include additional information (often in the form of Exhibits) and they can be quite complex.

Sims now account for 50% of CPA Exam scores for AUD, FAR, and REG sections, so candidates planning to take the CPA Exam should dedicate a significant portion of their study time toward mastering this type of question. However, practice sims make up only a small fraction of many CPA review courses’ test banks. So how do you make sure you’re prepared?

How to get the best sims in your CPA review

You should choose a review provider that constantly updates its content and question bank based on candidates’ needs for realistic, exam-quality practice questions. Gleim CPA Review uses the AICPA’s Blueprints, released questions from old CPA exams, candidate feedback, as well as other proven and reliable quality controls to create study materials that help candidates pass on the first try.

Why Gleim CPA sims?

In the past, sims did not make up as large a portion of the exam, but as the exam is revised, sims are assigned more and more importance. Therefore, the best CPA review course should provide you not only with:

  • The largest bank of sims possible
  • The most realistic, exam-quality sims possible

But also:

Gleim has you covered

When you get Gleim, you get everything you need to master task-based simulations and pass with confidence. To start preparing for sims, be sure to check out: