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cpa exam study tips
The new year is here! As we enter 2018, we begin that special time during which people remember an old season of life and celebrate a new one. It’s an ideal moment to reflect on all our habits and discover how we can improve, especially when it comes to our CPA Exam study habits. If...
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cpa exam study plan
Once you’ve completed your CPA Exam application and received your scheduling documents, you will probably be pretty anxious to schedule your testing appointment. You have your NTS in hand, so what’s stopping you? Well, there’s actually one more thing you need to do before you contact Prometric. You need to create your CPA Exam study...
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career in accounting
By Bryan Kesler, CPA Are you a college student interested in a career in accounting? Then you are in the right place! Over the next five minutes, you will learn exactly what you need to be doing to prepare for your career in accounting — and how you can get ahead of the competition. Contents:...
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cpa exam advice
With all of the accounting information the CPA Exam covers, there are countless possibilities for the exam questions you will encounter. You may come across a question that is very difficult or that you have never seen before. Studying with plenty of practice CPA test questions will help you prepare for these questions, but there...
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DRS Answering Techniques
The Document Review Simulation (DRS) has not been around for very long, but this type of Task-Based Simulation (TBS) already has a reputation for being a tricky CPA Exam question. You may encounter a DRS within the TBS testlets of any CPA Exam section, so you must continue preparing for them until you pass. Within...
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How to take a CPA Practice Exam
Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a practice CPA Exam before the real CPA Exam so you could get comfortable in a no-pressure setting? Good news: You can! Several opportunities to preview the CPA Exam process are available to CPA candidates. Taking a practice CPA Exam can calm your nerves and boost your...
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best way to study for the cpa exam
The CPA Exam covers a vast range of accounting information, but a lot of it should look familiar to CPA candidates. If you’ve met the educational requirements for taking the CPA Exam, then you’ve already had extensive exposure to CPA Exam content. However, because you can’t indefinitely retain every accounting detail you’ve learned, you’ll need...
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cpa exam tips
When you take the CPA Exam in the United States of America, you do so at a Prometric testing center. The AICPA and NASBA work with Prometric to offer the CPA Exam, so you will need to comply with Prometric’s procedures in order to pass an exam section and receive credit for it. You should...
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strategies to taking (cpa) BEC written communication questions
The least common type of question on the CPA Exam is the Written Communication Task (WCs). WCs aren’t seen much because they only appear in the BEC CPA Exam section. However, WCs contribute 15% of your BEC score, so you shouldn’t blow them off. Instead, you should learn about WCs and apply these CPA BEC...
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