The Cost of the CPA Exam

As a new CPA candidate, you can expect to pay over $2,000 to enroll in a CPA review course. These courses usually provide study materials and over 100 hours of group study sessions. In contrast, the Gleim CPA Review System is less than $1,000. Moreover, partnerships with schools, institutions, and employers are available which in turn reduce these prices even further.

In addition to its cost advantage, the self-study feature of the Gleim System for Success permits each CPA candidate to progress as rapidly as possible, but at his/her own pace. CPA candidates have different knowledge levels, learning abilities, and work ethics. Guided self-study provides the flexibility to accommodate these differences.

Ultimately, the determinant of exam success is not how much you spend, but rather how much you prepare. Learning is an individual activity. No one can do it for you. Dr. Gleim’s philosophy is that you learn more from your mistakes, so we provide feedback on the incorrect and correct answer choices so that you can see what you did wrong and avoid those mistakes in the future. Through this process you identify and focus on your weak areas, maximizing knowledge transfer while minimizing your time, frustration, and cost utilizing a multimedia approach.