Gleim Traditional CPA Review System

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  • Interactive SmartAdapt technology with innovative platform
  • Mentorship and guidance from our team of Personal Counselors
  • The largest test bank of exam-emulating questions on the market
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Product Description:

Learn Why Gleim Prepares You Better Than Any Other CPA Program

Gleim has helped accountants pass over 1 million CPA exams as the leader in accounting exam prep since 1974. We have updated the Gleim Traditional CPA Review System with an innovative new platform that features our unique SmartAdapt™ technology. Our Traditional Course also continues to include everything independent self-study candidates have come to expect from Gleim to help them pass the CPA Exam on the first try. This system is an easy-to-use, adaptive SMART course that puts you on track to pass the CPA Exam faster while reaching the levels of knowledge at which the CPA Exam now tests.

What is my best value?

Chart comparing Premium, Traditional, and Mega Test Bank systems

The Traditional Review System includes

Online Course Featuring SmartAdapt™ Technology - This microlearning platform powered by adaptive technology serves as your main study tool. Designed specifically for CPA candidates, our SMART course enables you to pass faster by diagnosing your weak areas and recommending a personalized learning path enhanced with detailed visual analytics. It also includes your interactive study planner, exam-emulating quizzes, the Gleim digital book, and more. This course accommodates your preferred learning style and schedule.
The Largest Test Bank - Our bank of test questions is truly the largest collection of unique sample problems available on the market. By practicing with over 10,000 multiple-choice questions, Task-Based Simulations, and Written Communications, which include detailed answer explanations for both incorrect and correct answer choices, you can be ready for every type of question on the CPA Exam. Assess your knowledge and skills at the same levels as the CPA Exam to ensure that you are completely confident and prepared.
Unmatched Exam-Day Emulation - Feel right at home on exam day! We have programmed our course to replicate the Prometric testing environment in every possible way so you will feel like you are just taking another practice quiz when you sit for your CPA Exam section.
Digital and Physical Books - Our expertly-authored books are broken up into small, bite-sized sections for maximum retention and contain comprehensive outlines and examples.
Audio Lectures – Study when and where it is convenient for you with the Gleim Audio Lectures that encourage auditory learning. You can experience further study flexibility by streaming or downloading these CPA lectures that address the most important concepts from the Gleim books.

With the Gleim Traditional CPA Review System, you will also receive access to your own Personal Counselor, an exam mentor who will offer advice and assistance whenever you need it for the entirety of your studies. Using the interactive study planner included with this system, you can customize the level of support you receive from your Personal Counselor, as well as track your performance and plan your studies based on your schedule and goals.

All components of the Gleim Traditional CPA Review System are available any time and wherever you have access to the Internet. Get access to the first study unit of the review system absolutely free now!

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Product Testimonials:

March, 2017

I had a great experience with the Gleim Review System. In the past, I tried some of the well-known study review systems and didn’t have success completing the exam. I loved that Gleim allowed me to study on based on my own schedule while keeping me accountable with the “On Track” and “Off Track” statuses. The estimated time to study was built into the system so it created reasonable study schedules to allow me to get through all the material and have a final review. The sub-units followed a logical order and there were many opportunities to practice multiple choice and simulations with the test banks. I was learning even when I was getting questions wrong with Gleim’s explanations of why what I selected was wrong and the correct answer was right. I would and have recommended Gleim to others looking to begin studying for a certification. I wouldn’t have been able to pass all 4 parts within the same year if it wasn’t for what the Gleim Review System provided.

Savana Latimore

March, 2017

As an international candidate, having a system that was online and accessible at any time was important for self-study. The range of multiple choice questions and simulations provided a lot of practice and the lectures by professors provided a great overview. The text book was great in detail and it was worth it to go through the whole book. The Gleim system is robust, detailed, and thorough.

Vi Nguyen

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Set Contents:

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