CPA Candidate Spotlight: Anthony Vigliano

Working with countless CPA candidates over the years has allowed us to hear many exam success stories from our customers, and recently, Gleim was pleased to receive feedback from Anthony Vigliano, CPA, who used the Gleim CPA Review System to pass the CPA Exam.

Anthony began preparing for the exam in 2013, and he recalls the path that led him to Gleim from his unique position in life:”After returning to college as a working adult, I decided to pursue the CPA Exam. Many of my colleagues at the accounting firm where I worked recommended other review courses, but after taking advantage of the free trial period offered by Gleim, I knew I had found the course that would help me become a Certified Public Accountant!”

With a full time job and student loans to focus on, Anthony needed a program that would cater to his particular restrictions. Finding our materials ideal for self-study, Anthony also appreciated how Gleim taught him to fully grasp the concepts that would appear on the exam. After finding the information presented by other providers to be imbalanced, Anthony turned to Gleim. Confirming that the Gleim CPA Review System enabled him to take his level of knowledge beyond simple memorization, Anthony says, “This is what Gleim is to me: understanding.”

After dedicating a great deal of resources to this endeavor, Anthony passed all four parts of the CPA Exam on the first attempt. Looking back on his accomplishment, Anthony states, “Gleim was the integral part that helped me reach my goal. Without Gleim’s review course and my Personal Counselor, I would be part of the ‘less than half’ passing rate.” Anthony praises his Personal Counselor by saying, “I never felt alone in the process. Someone that cares about you is perfect for keeping you motivated.”

Thrilled with his choice to take on the CPA Exam with the help of Gleim, Anthony encourages other candidates to do the same. “Gleim gave me the opportunity to achieve my dream. I think anyone can pass if they dedicate themselves.”