CPA Exam Information: How to Handle It All

How to handle the CPA exam process

Candidate Spotlight: Keisha Calderon

If you’re concerned about managing mass amounts of CPA Exam information, you’re not alone: other CPA candidates like Keisha Calderon have had similar concerns. On her way to passing the CPA Exam, Keisha took these steps, so you can steel your brain cells and stay calm by following them as well.

Steps for Handling CPA Exam Information

  1. Create a study schedule.

    Once you’ve got your Notice to Schedule (NTS), the only way to absorb all that CPA Exam information in time for exam day is to establish a study plan and stick to it. One of the biggest challenges Keisha faced was fitting her studies into her busy work week, but she overcame by adjusting her priorities and practicing self-control. “I am sure that many people are in a similar situation – trying to study while working. So hard! That exam has a ton of detailed information, and even with an amazing review system, it was hard to be disciplined enough to put in the time needed to really digest and synthesize everything. I had to put myself on a schedule and really prioritize my time.”

  2. Choose CPA review with exceptional content coverage.

    If your CPA review provider guesses about what content will appear on the exam and only covers that content, you won’t be well prepared for the exam. Only a CPA course that thoroughly addresses the topics outlined in the CPA Exam Blueprints will give you the confidence you need to pass on exam day, so don’t settle for anything else. Keisha used Gleim CPA Review to pass all four exam sections the first time, and she found that Gleim gave her the information she needed. “There is so much to know on these tests, and I thought the Gleim system highlighted the right areas to focus on, so I used my study time wisely.” The expertly-authored materials in Gleim CPA Review feature detailed outlines and examples broken down into bite-sized sections for maximum retention, which also helped Keisha maneuver through so much accounting information. “I think the chapters were placed in a logical order that helped you make sense of the information and make connections as you progressed through the books. I loved the summary outlines that Gleim provided for each chapter. I lived off of those!” Discover the coverage of Gleim CPA Review by accessing our free CPA demo.

  3. Use a variety of study tools.

    Mixing up the medium by which you intake CPA Exam information helps keep your mind engaged. Also, you may experience burnout faster if you restrict your studying to only reading books, only watching videos, or only writing notes. Combat the study doldrums while catering to your preferred learning styles with diverse study materials, and rely on a review system that provides them. Keisha confirms, “I thought it was really convenient to not only have a hard copy book, but also have access to a lot of materials online, so you could study even when you couldn’t lug the book around with you.” After passing with Gleim CPA Review, she recalls the benefits of the Gleim CPA review options. “I thought it provided a variety of useful study tools that could expand to fit a different number of learning needs. There were some things that I never used but that someone else might really love.”

  4. Give yourself study rewards.

    Taking regular study breaks gives your mind the chance to relax and regroup before your next information haul. Furthermore, rewarding yourself for all your hard work keeps you content and motivated. To maintain her commitment to super productive study sessions, Keisha let loose on occasion by celebrating her current review progress. She admits, “I am not one of those people that can lock themselves away for months and only study. I let myself have some fun and gave myself a lot of study rewards along the way. It was really helpful and allowed me to be really focused during those intense study moments.”

  5. Remember your CPA goals.

    When you’ve lost track of all the sacrifices you’ve made to study and it doesn’t feel like cramming one more accounting fact into your head is worth it, recall why you wanted to pursue the CPA in the first place. There are so many benefits of becoming a CPA, and the designation will more than compensate for the mental, emotional, and financial cost of the CPA Exam. Keisha had her own noble career goals, and she soon realized that the CPA would lead her to the life she wanted. “I had been working in different industries and I felt like I had OK options but not great ones. I don’t just want a job: I want a career that I can invest in, and I thought accounting could be the right fit for growth and help me fulfill my potential. My mom has been telling me to take the CPA Exam for years, and I thought finally committing to doing it would be the extra boost that I needed. I should just learn to listen to my mother right off the bat!”

  6. Trust yourself.

    Depending on your personality, you might never feel as ready as you would like for the CPA Exam. However, when you study with comprehensive CPA review and stick to a realistic study plan, you can be truly prepared no matter how you feel. Though Keisha felt anxious on exam day, she learned how to tap into her confidence and trust herself. “I had so much anxiety around this test. There would always be this panic that I didn’t do enough, but somehow on test day, I would take a deep breath and find my inner calm. I realized how much information I had absorbed from the readings and practice questions and knew that I was going to be okay. And I was – I passed each section with flying colors!”

Review for Receiving CPA Exam Information

Just as you should trust yourself to absorb all the CPA Exam information you need, you should trust your CPA review course to provide it. You don’t want to realize on exam day that your CPA prep let you down, so choose the CPA provider with a history of success stories. Gleim has helped candidates pass over 1 million CPA exams, and as Keisha can verify, our reputation speaks for itself. “I did a lot of research around pricing and usability. Asking other people for recommendations was probably the best sell for Gleim. Everyone knew that I was purchasing my own materials and that I was looking for a quality yet affordable option. When I had two accounting professors suggest Gleim, it sealed the deal.” Start getting the information you need from Gleim CPA by accessing our free CPA Exam Guide today.