Take the Guesswork Out of CPA Exam Studying

Take the guesswork out of CPA exam studying

With April 1 come and gone, the most recent version of the CPA Exam is now in full effect. By placing increased emphasis on higher order skills, the new version promised to produce a more difficult exam overall. In response, Gleim CPA updated the platform of our review course while retaining proven learning techniques to give candidates the best chance at success no matter how challenging the exam becomes. The proprietary technology we have added to our course is called SmartAdaptTM, and with SmartAdapt powering our system, candidates can take the guesswork out of CPA Exam studying.

Development of SmartAdapt

While other review providers have purchased pre-made platforms for their CPA courses, Gleim CPA built our new system in-house. We started developing our SmartAdapt technology in October 2015, and in the final 6 months leading up to the February 2017 launch, every software tester at Gleim was working hard to ensure that the launch went smoothly.

Gleim SmartAdapt is unique in that it was created and designed specifically for CPA candidates. Gleim did not lease or white-label an already existing platform like many other CPA review providers. Because our system is one of the only ones on the market built for CPA review, studying with Gleim will best prepare you to pass the CPA Exam.

SmartAdapt technology enhances Gleim CPA Review by presenting personalized recommendations. By adjusting to your study needs, these recommendations take the guesswork out of your review and lead you down the most direct path to passing the CPA Exam.

Features and Benefits of SmartAdapt

Operating within a sleek and streamlined interface, SmartAdapt begins the process of guiding your review by assessing your knowledge levels with diagnostic quizzes. Taking a diagnostic quiz at the start of each study unit enables SmartAdapt to detect your weak areas and accommodate your learning preferences. Using the results of these quizzes, SmartAdapt generates a custom learning track that minimizes the time and effort spent studying by utilizing Dr. Gleim’s foundational approach of practice testing and learning from your mistakes.

The largest bank of multiple-choice questions and Task-Based Simulations on the market facilitates plenty of practice answering questions in extremely realistic exam conditions. Furthermore, exceptional content coverage and detailed answer explanations equip you to discover why certain answers were right and the other answers were wrong. Our SmartAdapt-powered course has incorporated all of the content and representative tasks of the AICPA-provided CPA Exam Blueprints, and our test bank also contains more challenging Task-Based Simulations and Document Review Simulations that test candidates at the analysis and evaluation levels of knowledge. Finally, our Exam Rehearsal follows the new format of the CPA Exam.

Feedback on SmartAdapt

By speaking with candidates working through the course, the Gleim Personal Counselors can confirm that SmartAdapt technology serves as a constantly updating road map to CPA Exam success. With the knowledge that our innovative technology formulates the fastest and most productive study strategy, candidates can trust Gleim CPA Review to prepare them better than any other course.

Candidate feedback on SmartAdapt finds that the system is empowering candidates to handle the more difficult version of the exam, and it is helping candidates focus on preparing for the exam rather than on preparing to study. Before the new technology was activated, our course highlighted weak areas, but candidates were responsible for devising a plan to address those areas. Now, SmartAdapt automatically provides them with the best steps for strengthening weaknesses so candidates can simply follow the plan.

Access to SmartAdapt

The technology that adapts to you and allows you to pass faster is only available from Gleim CPA. Discover it for yourself by viewing this short video about Gleim CPA Review!