Passing Rates for First Quarter 2011

In a recent Hot Topics article, Garrett Gleim discussed the pass rates for the first quarter of 2011. There was a significant decrease in the passing percentage for all exam sections, but most notably Regulation. Do not get stuck on the passing percentages. The best and most productive thing you can do at this time is continue reviewing and following the Gleim Suggested Steps. This will put you in position to be successful when you sit for your exam in the second quarter.

Now, if you were one of the individuals who did not pass the exam in the first quarter, you should do the following: First, analyze your score by AICPA Content Specification Outline (CSO) area by using the “Candidate Performance Report” that may accompany your exam scores. Second, review your preparation program from the previous CPA exam. What were its strengths and weaknesses? How can it be improved? Make sure all your review materials have been updated. Third, prepare a written plan and schedule to prepare for and take the next CPA exam.

Contact your Personal Counselor at 800.874.5346, ext 131 or if you need any assistance with your study plan. The Gleim Personal Counselors are here to help during any phase of your CPA exam preparations.