Passing the CPA Exam: The Importance of Doing Your Best

How to pass the CPA Exam

The CPA Exam is very important and very involved. It may be the most important test you ever take, and it may also be one of the most challenging. Passing the CPA Exam will require time, effort, and money; however, there is a way to minimize the emotional and physical costs of the exam: just do your best.

Passing the CPA Exam by consistently doing your best places more concentrated demands on CPA candidates in the beginning, but the long-term benefits spare you from greater struggles overall. The following benefits of doing your best demonstrate how painless passing the CPA Exam can be.

The Benefits of Passing the CPA Exam by Doing Your Best

  • Less Time
    After you pass your first CPA Exam section, you will have 18 months to pass the other three. If you truly commit to the task and prioritize passing the CPA Exam above life’s other pleasures, you can check off the remaining exam sections in a fraction of the time. But if you procrastinate with scheduling your exam dates or put less than 100% into your studies, sticking to an efficient schedule will prove difficult. Instead, you may have to wait for the next best date to sit for the CPA exam, or you may have to reschedule because you weren’t as prepared as you had hoped.
  • Less Money
    The more exam appointments you have to make, the more money you have to spend. This truth about the CPA Exam is basic but bleak. The only way to avoid paying for more than four exam appointments is to pass each section the first time, an impressive feat that is very possible. You just have to stick with the study plan that works best for you and be completely focused every time you study. Another expense you can evade by doing your best from the start is the price of additional CPA review. To minimize the chance of having to buy an additional review system, determine your ideal learning style, research the various review providers, and only consider review systems that feature a full, unlimited, free CPA review demo. Review providers that rock will have nothing to hide!
  • Less Frustration
    If you press on toward passing the CPA Exam with everything you’ve got, you won’t have time to second-guess your decisions or doubt your abilities because you’ll be too busy succeeding. By staying in control of your exam experience and practicing only the most advantageous studying and testing habits, you can dodge the disappointment of less prudent actions.
  • Fewer Regrets
    Doing your best every step of the way toward passing the CPA Exam enables you to avoid lots of CPA Exam regrets. When you know you did your best every time you sat for an exam section, you won’t leave the testing center wishing you had studied more, concentrated better, or tried harder. No one can expect anything more from you when you don’t hold anything back.
  • More Success
    Passing the CPA Exam by doing your best not only involves less time, money, and stress, but it also yields more success. You’ll find an extremely satisfying sense of accomplishment in the knowledge that you made good decisions, followed an effective schedule, maintained productive study sessions, passed each section the first time, and secured such a prestigious certification. Along with the CPA license, you can carry an increased amount of self-confidence with you wherever you go, and you may be able to count awards and high scores among your achievements as well.

The Process of Passing the CPA Exam by Doing Your Best

Doing your best on the CPA Exam means adhering to higher standards and exhibiting self-control. The high standards will help you study every day, reschedule missed study sessions, and earn the practice quiz scores necessary for topic proficiency. We recommend aiming for a minimum of 75% on the multiple-choice quizzes for each study unit, but you may wish to adjust your personal goals based on your background with the subject matter. The self-control will help you heed your study schedule, focus during your study sessions, and sacrifice distracting activities. Because doing your best is so rewarding but not always so easy, our CPA Exam experts are here to support and encourage you in the process of passing the CPA Exam. Each Gleim CPA Review System includes access to our CPA Exam experts, so learn more about Gleim CPA Review today.