System for Success

The Gleim system is the easiest, fastest, and most effective method for passing the CPA examination. Our CPA Review: A System for Success book contains the information you need to be an expert on the CPA exam. Many candidates believe that they know everything about the CPA examination and do not bother to read this book. But contrary to this belief, CPA Review: A System for Success is probably the most important book in the Gleim CPA review series.

This informative book includes an overview of the entire CPA exam, the AICPA Content Specification Outlines, and an analysis of exam preparation and administration. It also includes a detailed explanation of each type of question format used on the exam and answering techniques for each format. In addition, CPA Review: A System for Success provides study tips for preparing to pass the CPA exam, helpful hints on how to take the CPA exam, and much, much more.

This invaluable study tool comes free with any purchase that includes the CPA Review book, but you may also download it free by clicking CPA Review: A System for Success.