Rescheduling exams

Question: I scheduled two exam sections for July, but I am only prepared for one. Is it too late to reschedule one section and would I have to repay the fees?

Answer: You may reschedule an exam without incurring additional fees if it is done 30 or more days before the original appointment, and within the validity period of your Notice to Schedule. If the exam is rescheduled between 5-29 days before your appointment the fee is $35. If you reschedule an appointment 5 business days and up to 24 hours before the appointment, the following fees will be incurred:

AUD: $88.20
BEC: $66.15
FAR: $88.20
REG: $66.15

If the appointment is rescheduled fewer than 24 hours, a new NTS must be obtained from your Board of accountancy.

Please note that reschedule times are in business days. Saturday counts as a business day, but Sunday does not.