Schedule CPA Exam Today: Top 4 Reasons

when to schedule cpa exam

With the last quarter of 2016 upon us, the countdown to the release of the next version of the CPA Exam continues. If you intend to sit for a few more sections before the major exam changes take place, you have a limited amount of time left! The harder iteration of the exam launches April 1, 2017, and only one full testing window remains until then. With the testing window extension, the final testing window of 2016 is open until December 10, and the last testing window featuring the current CPA Exam runs from January 1 to March 10.

There is still enough time to study and sit for two exam sections, but it is a tight fit for any more. No matter how many sections you plan to take before April 2017, you need to complete the steps of scheduling your exam dates with Prometric ASAP. What’s the rush? We have four very good reasons to progress through this process as quickly as you can.

Top 4 Reasons to Schedule CPA Exam Today

  1. You will be able to sit for the easier version of the exam.Although the coming exam changes will make adjusting to the role of CPA easier, they also will make passing the CPA Exam harder. The testing of higher order skills, the main focus of the next version of the exam, will challenge candidates’ understanding of accounting more than ever before. The exam will still be passable, but it will require more time and effort to pass. Therefore, sticking with the current version to secure the CPA means you have to make fewer sacrifices in the long run, even if you have to make them now.
  2. You will be able to sit at your preferred time and date.When you schedule your appointment with Prometric, you must select a specific time and date within the testing windows; the longer you wait, the fewer options you will have. Using the seat availability tool on Prometric’s website, you can see that availability at testing centers across the country is diminishing daily. Some testing centers near larger cities have already had their appointment times for the October/November testing window reduced by half. Procrastinating your business with Prometric any further could cost you the chance to sit on your preferred date. Unless you want to rearrange your life to fit Prometric’s timeline, schedule CPA Exam with Prometric as soon as you can.
  3. You will be able to sit at your preferred location. Prometric’s seat availability tool also reports the number of testing centers in your area. Candidates living in big cities may have several testing centers from which to choose, but those in more rural areas might only have one testing center near them. If the testing center closest to you is out of appointments by the time you decide to schedule, you’ll have to travel to a testing center that still has appointments available, no matter how far away it may be.
  4. You will have a deadline for passing the CPA Exam. You’ll never enjoy the benefits of becoming a CPA if you continue to put off passing the CPA Exam. To start improving your life with the CPA certification, you have to complete one CPA Exam section at a time, and the first step to checking off each section is scheduling an exam date. Just taking this first step would give you a definitive path to CPA Exam success and would motivate you to keep going. Once you schedule your exam date with Prometric, each day you move closer to that date is a day you move closer to becoming a CPA. Wouldn’t it be a nice to know when that day will be?

Top Resource for CPA Exam Review

After you schedule CPA Exam with Prometric, you’ll need to study well and stay on track in order to pass another section before April 2017. You won’t have time to waste, so choose to use a CPA Review System that helps you make a study plan and stick to it. Gleim CPA Review includes an interactive study planner you can use to fit every study session in before you sit. Our system also includes access to CPA Exam experts who can answer all your exam questions and hold you accountable to your plan. With these and other elements of the Gleim CPA Review System guiding your CPA Exam studies, you’ll be totally prepared by your exam date, especially if you schedule it today!