Security System at Testing Centers

In 2008 the test center check-in process for CPA candidates changed to include biometric identification requirements. This security measure is part of Prometric’s Identity Management System, a state-of-the art approach to identity verification.

The Check-In Process

Candidates are:

  • required to present their Notices to Schedule (NTS) as well as primary and secondary forms of identification;
  • asked to sign the test center log book;
  • required to have their photo taken;
  • required to have their primary forms of identification scanned to create digital images, which will then be fed through a machine that reads the information stored in the magnetic strips or bar codes;
  • asked to place their finger(s) on a scanner so that a digital image of the fingerprint(s) can be taken.
  • Digital fingerprints are encrypted and stored electronically together with candidate identification information. Fingerprint images are used to confirm the identities of candidates.

    Fingerprinting is required every time candidates report to test centers. In addition, candidates returning to test rooms after breaks are asked to have their fingerprints taken again for comparison with the fingerprints captured at the beginning of the session.