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CIA Exam Medal Winners

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    William S. Smith - Gold Medal Winners

  • Jepson Fuller (Washington, USA)

    Gleim was a great choice to help with my CIA exam preparation. I really liked having multiple learning methods available including the books which I used to learn the concepts and online practice tests which were helpful in learning how to apply them to different scenarios. It also helped to be able to see explanations for why an answer was right or wrong at the end of a practice test. The flexibility of the system and feedback to pinpoint areas I needed to work on really helped balance the demands of getting up to speed in a new job while also preparing for the exam.

  • Alessandro Segalini (Italy)

    I have worked as an ICT Auditor for almost ten years in a big European bank. I was already holding my CISA certification when a dear friend of mine and fellow auditor introduced me to the local IIA chapter and to the CIA qualification: I have to thank him for having suggested the Gleim books to me (which he already used for getting his CIA) and my company for having supported me.

    I found in Gleim books a valuable support for preparing for the CIA exams: they are written in a very clear way, the method suggested for studying the content is very effective, and the information is organized in a rational way. For a person who is somehow "curious" and eager to learn, as an auditor always is, these books are a source not only for just passing the exam, but also as a "quick reference" manual for your work.

    The tests are also an excellent support for being successful with the exams, and they contain additional "practical" examples. After understanding their content, the actual exams are not a surprise.

    The test software is user friendly and very effective, enabling you to focus on those areas deserving more attention or additional insight.

    To recap, Gleim material is an authoritative source for passing CIA exams at the first attempt and, even more important, is a reference for a "real life" auditor.

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    A.J. Hans Spoel Award - Silver Medal Winner

  • Justin Swalberg (Michigan, USA)

    The Gleim CIA review is the perfect CIA preparation program for working professionals. Its bite-sized lessons allowed me to conveniently fit in study time whenever I had a spare moment. The lesson materials did a great job of thoroughly explaining all the internal audit concepts. The layout of Gleim's practice exam sessions was identical to the actual exam experience, including font, color, instructions, the calculator, and navigation buttons. Consequently on exam day I felt very comfortable as I moved through the exam questions.

    The Gleim team does an excellent job of teaching the concepts that will be on the exam without including unnecessary content. I found it very helpful that Gleim's practice tests not only explained the correct answer, but also why the other answer choices were wrong. On the CIA exams, I frequently found myself being able to easily eliminate two of the four answer choices. The difference between the remaining two answer choices was usually quite subtle.  Because Gleim had prepared me to not only identify the correct answer but also to identify the wrong answers, I was able to achieve great success on the exams.

    I would not have been able to win the A.J. Hans Spoel Silver Medal Award without the help of Gleim. I highly recommend the Gleim CIA review package for your CIA exam preparation.

  • Douglas S. Schmidt (Indiana, USA)

    The Gleim CIA Review played an integral role in my passing of the CIA Exam part on the first try and earning the Silver Medalist Award for 2011. Gleim's study materials thoroughly covered each topic for every part of the exam, and reinforced those concepts with relevant multiple choice questions at the end of every study unit -- many of which were patterned after past exam questions. The answer selection for each question was extremely helpful in that it not only provided the reason for each correct answer, but also the reasons why the other responses were incorrect. The materials were in a very well-organized format which made it easy to study. For example, each study unit included color-coded sections and the bolding of key words and concepts. Gleim's CIA Review also included general information about the exam, administrative requirements, tips for passing the exam, and even specifics about navigating through the computer-based exam! I feel though that the real difference-maker in my preparation for the exam was the availability of the over 2,000 additional questions from Gleim's CIA Test Prep CD-Rom, which solidified all the concepts for me and exposed me to even more of the types of questions that were included on the exam. Ironically, I also utilized Gleim materials 25 years ago when I passed all parts of the CPA Exam on the first try! Gleim materials have an excellent track record and are where I turn to for success in certifications.

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    Kurt Riedener Award - Bronze Medal Winners

  • Brian Lair, CIA (Kansas, USA)

    Gleim was instrumental in my passing the CIA examinations. During four-plus months of hard study, I passed each of the three exams on the first try, largely thanks to Gleim’s printed and online study materials.

    I was impressed by the quality of the materials and the ease-of-use of the Gleim Personal Classroom website. The Calendar feature was very helpful in keeping me on track, and the reporting features provided multiple methods to track my progress and highlight my weak areas. I made particular use of the Performance Graphs, which made it easy to pinpoint where I needed extra work. In Gleim’s timed Practice & Rehearsal Exams, their simulation of the exam environment turned out to be realistic and reduced my stress level when I took the actual exams. Gleim’s online Study Sessions were especially useful because they gave immediate feedback on each question. The ability to customize the content of the Practice Exams & Study Sessions was also a big help. I was very pleased that the actual exam questions were similar in topics, tone, and structure to the Gleim practice questions. As a result, there were very few exam questions that totally surprised me.

    Finally, I appreciated my Gleim personal counselor, who always answered my questions quickly, and gave me lots of good advice and encouragement! She was professional, knowledgeable, and helpful, with a super-positive attitude.

    Overall, I recommend the Gleim Review System to anyone taking the CIA exams. It was well worth the investment and played a key role in my winning The IIA Kurt Riedener Award!

  • Drs. Mark de Jong (Netherlands)

    I passed all CIA Exams on the first attempt within 6 months and I was pleasantly surprised to be notified by the IIA that I was the winner of the Kurt Riedener Bronze Medal Award for my outstanding performance on the 2013 CIA Exam. I used the Gleim CIA Review System for my preparation of the CIA Exam and I was very pleased with my experience. The Gleim CIA Review System enabled me to acquire the essential knowledge in a short time frame in a highly efficient and effective manner. The study books are easy to read and digest. For me, the most beneficial component of the System is the significant amount of questions in the practice exams. The feedback provided by the practice exams helped me to better understand and remember the subjects covered. Also, the test prep software provides useful performance graphs, which I used to identify and to target areas which needed improvement. After taking several practice exams, my scores improved, giving me the confidence I needed before taking the actual CIA exam.

    I certainly recommend the Gleim CIA Review System because it is definitely value added and facilitates an efficient and effective preparation for the CIA exam.

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    Dr. Glenn Sumners Student Award Winners

  • Tina Zhang (Bejing, China)

    It is an honor and a pleasant surprise to be the student award winner of 2016. I think I would not be able to achieve such high scores without the help of Gleim CIA Review. I was a student while preparing for the CIA exams so I did not have much experience. The Gleim CIA review system provided lots of great examples and interpretations of conceptual problems, and it really helped me understand how to apply internal audit concepts into real world applications.

    When other CIA candidates ask me for advice, I would highly recommend the Gleim CIA Review. It is also essential to practice all questions and take the advantage of the timed rehearsal exams. After finishing the rehearsal exams, the actual exams will not be a surprise.

  • Laust Helmig (Louisiana, USA)

    As the awardee of the 2014 Dr. Glenn Sumners Student Award for the CIA exam, I would highly recommend the Gleim CIA Review program. I used the Gleim CIA Review books to study for all parts of the CIA exams and found the program extremely helpful, particularly the practice exams. The program not only helped me understand necessary concepts, but also tested my understanding through multiple in-class exams on actual CIA exam questions as well as online practice questions.

    When other CIA exam candidates have asked me for advice, I believe the key to success is in the practice questions. While everyone learns in different ways, I have found the most effective approach is mastering as many practice questions as possible. I would also recommend candidates to reach out to fellow certified colleagues to ask for their advice.

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    IIA Certificate of Excellence Winners

  • Adriaan Borgermans (Brussels, Belgium)

    For my preparation of the CIA exams, I exclusively used Gleim CIA Review hand books and CIA Test Bank. They allowed me to quickly take and pass all exams needed for the certification. I always started by one or two readings of the books. I very much appreciated the concise but clear and complete explanations provided. Next, I would switch to the online multiple-choice questions. They are great for discovering your knowledge gaps. Furthermore, Gleim provides explanations of all the correct answers that are very insightful. I always ended with reviewing my errors by reading the explanations. As a bonus, the style of the online questions also resembles the style of the questions you will see on the exam, which is perfect to get acquainted with the exam format.

    Thanks to the study material of Gleim, I managed to complete all parts in only a couple of months and was awarded with a Certificate of Excellence. In short, I highly recommend Gleim for anyone preparing for the CIA exams or willing to improve his or her internal audit expertise. I still apply the concepts used in my day-to-day audit activities.

  • Erick Cruz (Pennsylvania, USA)

    It is an honor to have received the IIA Certificate of Excellence for my performance on the CIA exams. The Gleim CIA Review System made it easy to stay on track throughout the studying and preparation process. The material was thorough and organized in such a way that enabled me to focus my attention on the most important concepts. The audio lectures and other digital resources accessible from my mobile devices allowed me to study during my daily commute. With my busy schedule, it was extremely helpful to have the flexibility to study on-the-go and use my time more efficiently. Most importantly, Gleim's comprehensive test bank of practice questions provided me with realistic examples of the types of questions I could expect on the actual exam. The answer explanations provided additional context and were easy to understand. This made me feel better prepared and more comfortable on the day of the exams.

    I would highly recommend the Gleim CIA Review System to anyone who is serious about passing the CIA exam!

  • Kailee Levesque (Rhode Island, USA)

    I began my professional certification journey by obtaining my Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license. I considered various review providers and ultimately invested in the Gleim Review System. I had great success with the system, passing all four parts upon the first attempt. I knew that when I made the decision to become a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), I would once again use Gleim to prepare. With my busy work and family life, I needed an effective but efficient study system.

    It was tremendously helpful to have access to online practice questions, which allowed me to study wherever and whenever I had time. Explanations for why an answer was right or wrong were available immediately, which was crucial in my obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the concepts tested. The reports feature helped me focus my studies on my weak areas and track my overall performance. I have always been an anxious test taker, but utilizing the Gleim simulated exam gave me confidence while taking the actual exam.

    Using the Gleim CIA Review System, I passed all three parts upon the first attempt within four months! Not only did I pass each part on the first try, I was awarded the prestigious 2016 William S. Smith Certificate of Honor for my exam performance. I highly recommend the Gleim Review System to everyone who wants to achieve their professional certification goals.

  • Christopher Siron, CPA, CISA, CIA (Virginia, USA)

    The Gleim CIA review program was instrumental to my passing the CIA exam, and to my receiving a 2016 William S. Smith CIA – Certificate of Excellence Award. I would recommend it to exam candidates without hesitation.

    Gleim's review materials covered every subject that I encountered on the CIA exam, and were written at a level of detail that balanced information content with readability.  The online components of the program were intuitive to use, and free of bugs and crashes. Moreover, Gleim representatives checked in regularly to verify that the materials and website were meeting my needs.

    Most importantly, Gleim provided a massive bank of practice questions. The key to passing certification exams is taking many practice exams. Not only were Gleim's practice questions numerous and diverse, they also matched the tone of the questions that I encountered on the CIA exam. Further the organization and presentation of the practice tests closely mirrored the actual CIA exam, allowing me to gain comfort with the challenges presented by the CIA exam's format.

  • Alexander Rudyk, CIA (Switzerland)

    Gleim helped me to combine the demands of my work with earning the CIA certification by allowing me to study efficiently and effectively, and I feel honored to have been awarded a Certificate of Excellence by the IIA for my performance on the exams.

    The study materials focused on the most important topics and I especially liked the audio reviews that allowed me to turn 'down time' into productive study time. Be sure, however, to invest the saved time in local IIA activities, to also get to know your CIA peers!

  • Jeffrey Haniff (Minnesota, USA)

    The Gleim CIA Review System was an integral part of my test preparation. The review material was presented in a logical way that made it easy to create a structured study plan. It also focused on the most critical information necessary to successfully pass the exam. The question bank included with the system was an essential part of my preparation. The questions helped reinforce the concepts discussed in each section of the material and a clear explanation of the correct answer was provided for each question. In addition, the review sessions are timed, which allowed for feedback on question pace and helped simulate a real testing environment. This allowed me to walk into each part of the exam feeling well prepared. The preparation the Gleim CIA Review System provided, not only helped me pass each part on the first attempt, but it was also an important factor in allowing me to win an IIA Certificate of Excellence.

  • Stephen D. Jones (Colorado, USA)

    When I decided to sit for the CIA Examination, I considered a number of review providers because I wanted to invest in a product that would provide me with the best opportunity for success. While there are a number of review programs out there, I previously had great success with Gleim's Exam Questions & Explanations (EQE) products that I used for supplementing my textbooks and learning materials in college. That being the case, I decided on Gleim's CIA Review, and I am thankful that I did. The Gleim Review books were comprehensive and provided me with a thorough understanding of the materials. I also found the practice questions to be very representative of the types of questions that are seen on the actual exam. Furthermore, beyond simply providing me with the information necessary to excel on the CIA Exam, the review materials also delivered knowledge that I could immediately apply on the job, and I continue to use the book series as a reference. Given that Gleim's materials helped me to achieve the William S. Smith Certificate of Excellence, I would recommend anyone interested in sitting for the CIA exam consider Gleim Review, and I will certainly choose Gleim products for my future certification review needs.

  • Ryan Nandwani, CPA, CIA (Singapore)

    Gleim was very instrumental in helping me achieve the Certificate of Excellence Award. The material is presented in a clear, concise manner, and was my sole review tool. The Audiovisual tools and the review questionnaires were also great complementary pieces for a very robust learning experience.

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    William S. Smith Certificate of Honor Winners

  • Don Carlson (Georgetown, Texas)

    The Gleim CIA Review System was an excellent choice and assisted me in passing all three parts of the exam within 6 months. The design of the review system worked well with my busy schedule and allowed me to study efficiently and effectively. I prefer to study information in small batches in order to be able to absorb and retain concepts; quality over quantity. This system was perfect for my study-style and enabled me to start and stop my studies as necessary. The system I purchased included a book and access to a large bank of sample questions on the Gleim website.

    The outline format, the spacing, and the question-and-answer formats in the book contributed to my understanding and learning of the concepts. The materials were easy to follow and organized in a logical manner. The success tips and examples in the book were relevant, easy to understand, and helped reinforce the concepts.

    Gleim’s multiple-choice questions were very similar in structure and difficulty to the exam questions. The review sessions were timed and helped me learn to manage my time and not dwell on individual questions. Explanations for why each answer was correct or incorrect was invaluable. In addition, the system identified my areas of weakness and allowed me to maximize my study time.

    Gleim helped me feel prepared and confident when taking my exams and definitely contributed to me being a 2016 William S. Smith Certificate of Honor award winner. I would highly recommend the Gleim CIA Review System to all CIA candidates.

  • Brian Stevens (Richmond, Virginia)

    It was such a pleasant surprise when I was notified by the IIA that my test scored ranked well enough to be awarded the prestigious William S. Smith Award Certificate of Honor. I owe much of that credit to the Gleim CIA Exam test preparation software and books. As a Director in a large, publically-traded organization and the new father of a beautiful little girl in the Summer of 2016, I needed a system that would help prepare me for the exams as quickly, effectively, and as painlessly as possible. Through studying mostly in the late-night hours or on weekends, the Gleim system provided exactly what I needed.

    In particular, I enjoyed the audio modules that I could preview material while on a morning run or the evening commute. I also appreciated the vast question database and the ability to customize sections for focused study. The practice exams replicated the real-world look and feel of the CIA Exams. While there is no substitute for experience and understanding the objectives and vision of the internal audit function, the Gleim system helped supplement that knowledge with the right materials and the right delivery mechanisms.

  • Dieter Dresel (Germany)

    When preparing for the three-part CIA certification I choose to rely on the GLEIM CIA Review System and was awarded with the "William S. Smith Certificate of Honor". I am convinced that the skillfully composed set of teaching and training material offered by GLEIM contributed significantly to successfully passing all exams on the first attempt. The studying material offers highly structured and concise yet comprehensive and easily understandable information. It also contains helpful tips on how to prepare and sit for the exam. The study and practice exams, that are available online, served to simulate the actual exam experience very well and fostered acquaintance with the style of multiple-choice questioning. In addition, online exam preparation also allowed me to precisely identify and train the knowledge areas, where additional effort was either necessary or invested with the best results. All in all, I highly recommend GLEIM to anyone looking forward to preparing for and taking the CIA exams while working as an full-time auditor.

  • Andrew Collins (Great Britain)

    The Gleim materials were useful in aiding me to pass all three CIA exams within just over 9 months and to my surprise I was awarded the IIA Certificate of Honour.

    I found the content within the CIA books to be both comprehensive and easy to absorb, especially when used in conjunction with the online questions database. The database is useful for identifying strong and weak areas, allowing you to adjust your studies accordingly.

    I undertook my studies whilst working full time, looking after a young child and moving house, so I had a lot on my plate! The materials enabled me to study as and when I could and the questions database tracking allowed me to see what I had last been working on and pick up where I left off.

    I would definitely recommend Gleim to anyone undertaking CIA due to the flexibility it provides. The mobile site was invaluable, allowing me to study wherever I was, in the car on my lunch break, having a soak on an evening or just laid in bed before going to sleep. Just to reiterate, if you choose Gleim you won't regret it. Good luck with your studies.

  • Donal Hewitt (North Dakota, USA)

    Gleim was a great choice for studying for the CIA exam. I liked the step-by-step plan on the online personal classroom. It kept me organized and able to track my progress, allowing me to focus my study time on my weaker areas. The materials were well written and the multiple choice questions were an excellent study tool. They reinforced the material and prepared me for the types of questions that would be on the exam. I especially liked the exam rehearsal which simulated the actual exam and scored the results by topic to help in my final review. I felt confident going into each exam knowing that I was well prepared.

  • Luca Scalet (Italy)

    I was extremely glad to be awarded with the prestigious William S. Smith Award for my outstanding performance on the 2015 CIA Exam. When starting my preparation, I was aware that the topics covered were very broad and that studying on top of usual work commitment would have required a significant amount of time.

    I found Gleim an excellent study tool to ace the modules of the test on the first attempt. The theory reported on the preparation material is very well done and targeted to the contents that will appear in the exam. Very clear and very pragmatic, ideal to optimize study time and get the key concepts. In addition, the test prep software simulates the exams in an effective way: questions are very similar, explanations in case of mistakes are straightforward and, maybe a small but precious detail, test screen and icons are almost identical, which enables you to feel more confident when sitting on the hot chair during the test!

    I truly believe that Gleim tools were an added value to prepare and pass the CIA certification. I would definitely recommend it to all the candidates who are searching for a fast and efficient prep material.

  • Maarten Slotema (Netherlands)

    When my employer required me to become CIA certified, I looked into the different study materials available on the market. I chose to use the Gleim CIA Review System because it provides a flexible study approach that allowed me to balance theory with practice questions to my liking.

    Because of other (inter)national audit qualifications and working in the field of auditing for a couple of years, I wanted to study for CIA as efficiently as possible. The Gleim CIA Review System allowed me to practice exam questions and analyze results so that I was able to focus on topics where I scored lower.

    The practice exams provided by Gleim CIA Review System also helped me understand topics better because feedback is provided for each possible answer with explanations and reasoning why possible answers were correct or not.

    Using the Gleim CIA Review System I was able to study effectively and efficiently. I was able to pass the three exams on the first try in about one month. My scores were good enough to be awarded the Certificate of Honor for 2015. I would definitely recommend the Gleim CIA Review System to anybody planning to take the CIA exams.

  • Sabrina Gülck (Germany)

    Shortly after starting my work at a large auditing and consulting firm, I decided to enhance my professional knowledge and further my career by pursuing the Certified Internal Auditor. The comprehensive Gleim Review System provided me a high degree of flexibility and allowed me to prepare for the exam in home study, alongside to a busy, fulltime work schedule.

    The books that are available in hardcopy or digital version are structured in a very comprehensible manner. Supplemented by the online video lectures, they helped me build decent foundational knowledge. After having finished a lecture, I challenged my knowledge by completing practice exams from the Gleim question bank. The questions offered by Gleim are very close to the actual exam questions and emulate the test taking experience. Additionally, the online analytics provide a clear indication of personal weaknesses and thus facilitate a targeted learning approach.

    All in all, I am very content with the Gleim Review System. I relied on it as a single source of preparation and it has helped me achieve an extraordinary score.

  • Ziad Abdelghani (United Arab Emirates)

    Gleim study system is simply a system that provide CIA Candidates with everything they need to pass the CIA Exams. The comprehensive study materials, large question bank, accessibility to personal counselors, performance analysis, the exam rehearsal mode and the study planner among other product offerings and study guidelines were very helpful tools in my self-study journey. I have earned a 2016 William S. Smith CIA -Certificate of Honor Award and recognized by the IIA as one of the candidates who passed the CIA exams on the first attempt within one year with the highest scores. I am sincerely thankful to Gleim Team as the entire Gleim experience was key factor for my achievement. I have already recommended Gleim to my colleagues and friends and will continue to do so.

  • Akshay Bhat (Dubai)

    My success at the CIA exam is largely attributed to following the Gleim’s suggested method of review tackling one unit at a time. Frankly, I quite enjoyed the suggested method of review as it was a mix of understanding the concepts and applying those immediately to the questions for that unit.

    Gleim’s review material is well-structured and the Test Prep application simulates the actual IIA exam to a great extent with a range of application based questions that comprehensively test your understanding of the concepts. The study outlines cover just the right amount of fundamentals needed for each unit making it easier to understand, recall and apply them during the exam.

    Lastly, Gleim’s review calendar/course planner is a great tool to keep track of your progress and can be adjusted to reflect new target dates. I could utilize that feature well to achieve my ambitious target of passing all three parts in 3 months.

    Having an engineering background, I consider the prestigious CIA Honors Award a significant milestone and achievement in my professional career.

    I would definitely recommend Gleim to all CIA candidates.

  • Christian Hilgemann (Germany)

    It was a pleasant surprise to be informed about winning a "William S. Smith Certificate of Honor" on the 2016 CIA exam. I was working full time as an internal auditor while preparing for the CIA exam and passed the third part after two years of professional experience.

    I used the Gleim material because it was recommended by my colleagues and during a seminar, especially because of the high number of test questions and the perfect simulation of the real exam environment.

    The Gleim textbooks are well-structured, easy to understand and therefore a good starting point for every unit. I spent the majority of my preparation on practice exams to get used to the special format of multiple choice questions. I really benefited from the exam review sessions as the detailed explanations for correct and incorrect answers were very useful in developing a deep understanding. Also beneficial was the possibility to mark difficult questions in order to focus on them again in a separate session. In addition, the statistics were helpful to identify areas of personal strengths and weaknesses as well as to monitor the performance development.

    All in all, I would highly recommend the Gleim Review System for CIA candidates because it was a key factor for my exam success.

  • Ilago Mabelya (Tanzania)

    I used lots of time online to search for the right materials that would give me the confidence to attempt CIA exams, then I found Gleim. The Gleim review system was exactly what I was looking for.

    Gleim review system has been key to my CIA success, I took the exams and passed them all on my first seating having seated for my first exam in February 2015 and my last exam in May 2015. Gleim system made my preparation enjoyable and during the process there wasn’t even a speck of doubt that I made the right choice.

    I entirely used Gleim review system for CIA exam preparation, I won the William S.Goldsmith award and I believe that they are comprehensive and enough for the CIA exam preparation. I recommend Gleim review system for anyone preparing for the CIA exams.

  • William Curry, CPA, CIA (Texas, USA)

    I utilized the Gleim CIA study program as suggested in the study guide and was able to pass all three parts within six months. It was very beneficial to have on-line study material and practice questions. With a busy work schedule, I needed to get the most of my study time. Having access to the study material on my iPad when away from home enhanced my study time. Being able to customize test exams and identify areas of follow-up allowed me to concentrate on the needed areas of review. The amount of material required to study can be imposing. But, stick to the Gleim study outline and schedule and you will be very happy when you see your exam grade. There is no doubt in my mind that the Gleim study methods helped me to score exceptionally well on the CIA exam.

  • Sven Richtering, CIA (Germany)

    I took all three parts of the CIA exam in spring 2014 exclusively based on the Gleim CIA Exam prep material. My company granted me 3 weeks off from work in order to prepare for the 3-part exam. Since I did not want to spend too much additional time sacrificing weekends and evenings I was looking for a way to prepare for the exam in a short period of time. The Gleim learning material really helped me to prepare efficiently for the exams. You can tell that Gleim has long experience in preparing candidates to pass the CIA exam. The learning material focuses both on the relevant content and gives advice on the methodology of the exam questions. I found it extremely helpful that the significance of each chapter of the Gleim Books is clearly stated (e.g. This section makes up 10 – 15 % of Part 1 of the CIA exam). Therefore one can focus on the main topics and work on the less important parts when there is time left. The online database of practice questions helps a lot to understand the nature of the multiple choice questions and gives you confidence for the real exams. Thanks to Gleim, I managed to pass all three exams on my first try and even won a William S. Smith Certificate of Honor.

  • Jay Davis, CPA, CMA, CIA, and CFE (Texas, USA)

    Gleim CIA review system is the only material I used to prepare the CIA exam. When I started to prepare for the CIA exam, I desperately needed to find something that is efficient and effective. After comparing different review materials on the market, I decided to use Gleim CIA review for the following reasons. Gleim review system not only can help you pass the exam in the shortest amount of time but also can boost your long-term memories of the knowledge learned. First, Gleim breaks down the knowledge into manageable study units. Second, Gleim provides easy to remember outlines for each knowledge point. Third, the end-of-unit summary section reiterates the critical elements reviewed. Fourth, Gleim also provides excellent indexes and glossaries to help you re-study the materials as quickly as possible. Fifth, the accounting experts are very responsive and explain any questions you may have in an intuitive manner. Lastly, Gleim always provides up-to-date information about the changes of CIA examination.

    Furthermore, the most important thing for taking any test is practice with good questions. Gleim gives concise and clear explanation to each question. The Gleim questions have the same level of difficulty with questions on the real exam. At the same time, the logic behind the Gleim questions closely parallels with the logic behind CIA exam questions. These similarities greatly reduce the surprise element during the CIA exam. In addition, I believe that the simulation did a great job in mimicking the real testing environment. This allows me to perform my best on the test day. To sum up, I would most highly recommend Gleim CIA review course to anyone who is on the path of conquering the CIA exam.

  • Laura Tatem, CPA, CIA, CGAP (Florida, USA)

    The Gleim CIA Review System helped me to succeed quickly in passing all three parts of the Certified Internal Auditor exam.  I even earned the William S. Smith Award for outstanding performance which I was not expecting!  The materials were easy to follow and presented in a logical manner.  The online test prep module provided an easy tracking tool to help target the areas where I needed the most help.  I was able to use the online tool to practice answering multiple choice questions at a pace that worked for me.  I was able to concentrate on questions for each study unit, combine questions for several study units, or even simulate taking the actual exam.  I was also able to easily study when I had time, where I had time.  Since the practice questions are in a web based format, I was able to access the study materials from my laptop, my tablet, and even my phone whenever I had a few extra minutes.  This flexibility definitely helped me to keep on track with my study schedule.  I also never felt like the practice questions were repeating.  The bank of questions was more than enough to ensure I grasped all the concepts within each study unit.  I highly recommend the overall format and ease of use of this Review System.

  • D. Ryan Jeannette, CPA, CIA (Nebraska, USA)

    Gleim’s review course is certainly first tier and word class!  Despite being a number of years from taking a college course and new to the Internal Audit profession, Gleim’s CIA Review course was the only preparation needed to pass the CIA exam.  The topics and practice questions are right on point. Exam questions are clearly aligned to Gleim’s practice questions with some even being verbatim.  The mobile website was very useful in practicing questions on the go.  The software provides results of by area, which guided my study and allowed me to improve in weaker areas leading up to the exam. I was pleasantly surprised to win the William S. Smith Award for my exam performance. My boss was impressed with the award and hopefully my investment in Gleim will help land me a promotion.

  • Muhammad Yasir, ACA, CIA (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

    I passed all CIA exams in first attempt within 4 months and secured the prestigious William S. Smith Award for my outstanding performance in 2014 CIA Exams.

    Gleim CIA Review played an important role in achieving this success. It’s clear and concise material helped me to go through the entire course very quickly despite my busy routine being a Senior Auditor at Big Four (Deloitte Middle East). Also, I found the online study and test sessions extremely useful in gaining the confidence of real time exam settings. I recommend Gleim to everyone who ask me for the best material to pass CIA.

  • Alison Tulak, CIA (Nevada, USA)

    I was very excited to be notified by the IIA that I received the William S. Smith Award Certificate of Honors for my performance on the 2014 CIA exam. Receiving the CIA certification has immensely helped me with my professional career. I sat for the CIA while working full time as an Internal Auditor with less than one year of experience. I was worried I did not have enough practical experience to pass the exam. With the help of Gleim CIA Test Prep, I was able to pass all three parts within five months on the first attempt. The multiple-choice questions are set up exactly as they are in the exam. The material in the Gleim CIA books is broken into easy to read sections, so that no matter the individual’s schedule, they can study effectively and efficiently. I would recommend Gleim to all aspiring professionals seeking certifications.

  • Yaser Abbas Salman, ACCA, CIA, CFSA, CIPA, Partner – Grant Thornton Abdulaal (Kingdom of Bahrain)

    I had a very positive experience using the Gleim CIA Review System, culminating in first time passes in all three parts of the exam and being awarded the 2014 “William S. Smith Certificate of Honor”, among more than 70,000 candidates worldwide. All within the span of just six months!

    With long working hours and a busy family life, I was looking for an efficient review system which would complement my professional experience in internal audit with the theoretical knowledge necessary to pass the exam within the shortest possible timeframe. I could not have found a better fit for my needs than the Gleim CIA Review System.

    The textbooks go into just the right amount of detail to explain any given topic without burdening you with the extraneous specifics non-essential to understanding the core concepts of each topic. The online system was another major plus-point. The fact that it is web-based and does not require installation on a PC means that you could answer practice questions on your smartphone wherever you happen to be. I especially appreciated the summary reports that the system is able to generate to identify topics you still need to work on. This proved invaluable in the final stretch where I focused my time on those topics.

    In summary, the Gleim CIA Review System was instrumental to my exam success and I would highly recommend it to all CIA candidates.

  • Thomas Bishop, CIA, CPA, CMA (Canada)

    I have been around for a long time, so why obtain the CIA designation now?  Having worked for more than 30 years with more than half of that in audit and assurance I didn’t feel I needed to prove anything to anyone.  The designation was my way of demonstrating my commitment to the profession, and given that I was using the Institute of Internal Auditors for standards and guidance, this was a logical next step.

    That’s where Gleim comes in.  With an extremely busy work schedule and life in general I needed to be able to put together an efficient and effective study program to ensure that I was up to date in all practice areas.  Gleim had already done all of that work and had designed a great program that was easy to use whenever my schedule permitted.  The instant feedback gave me confidence and I successfully passed all exams within one year.  But it was even more successful than I knew, when I was notified that I had received the William S. Smith award I was very pleased and glad that I had chosen Gleim to help me achieve my best.

  • Michael Marcucci, CRC, CIA (Connecticut, USA)

    What a surprise it was to have received the William S. Smith award and the certificate of honors. I had worked very hard to pass all three CIA exams and did so in less than 6 months, passing each exam the first time. And while I was happy to earn the CIA certification, I was thrilled that my exam results were good enough to receive this additional recognition. None of this would have been possible without the support of Gleim. The test prep materials were amazing. I work 12 hour days and have a long commute...not to mention a family life as well. So the amount of time I had to study was very limited. The Gleim materials allowed me to be efficient with my time; the on-line tracking showed me how to study more effectively by pointing out areas where I was weak and needed focus. Also, the Audio CDs helped me make best use of my daily commutes. Overall, a very comprehensive package of materials that I would recommend to any busy executive who wants to pass this rigorous examination. THANK YOU GLEIM!!!

  • Abbas Shabbir Barodawalla (Canada)

    I was pleasantly surprised to be notified by the IIA that I was one of the winners of the prestigious William S. Smith Award for my outstanding performance on the 2012 CIA Exam and they were awarding me with a Certificate of Honors. Due to personal and work commitments, I had limited time to study for the CIA Exam. I was glad to have completed all parts on the first attempt within 2 months just being able to study on the weekends.

    I was aware that the overall pass rate for the CIA exam averaged 40% and one had to wait 90 days to re-write a part they didn't pass. Given this, I wanted an effective study tool to pass the exam on the first attempt. I used the Gleim CIA Exam prep material. Gleim CIA Exam test prep software simulated the CIA exam very well. Even the test screens and icons appear very similar to the actual exam which made me feel more comfortable while taking the actual exam. The technical support team at Gleim was also very responsive to my needs. Gleim CIA Exam prep material enabled me to apply my knowledge on CIA exam questions, improve my speed in answering questions correctly and also to identify key concepts that are tested on the exam.

  • Daniel M. Silletti, CPA, CIA, CFE (Florida, USA)

    Prior to attempting the CIA exam, I had sat for the CPA counterpart with a formal education that consisted of a patchwork of courses completed at four institutions in two countries. Moreover, I had completed my full-time education years before, and was holding down a demanding, professional job that required extensive travel and a time commitment of 60 hours per week. I was understandably apprehensive, given the haphazard nature of my academic preparation, but I needn't have worried. Gleim's review system helped me to resolve all the unorganized knowledge I had accumulated with the happy result that I passed the exam on my first try by a surprisingly wide margin.

    When I sat for the CIA exam in 2009, I was in the same, proverbial boat. I had accumulated a great deal of scattered knowledge in my professional career, and was even more distantly removed from my academic roots. Again, I chose Gleim as my preparation partner; and again, I passed the first time. On this occasion, I won a William S. Smith Certificate of Honor Award. I strongly recommend the Gleim system to all aspiring CIA credential holders who must approach the challenge with a shoebox of technical knowledge that requires a professional educator to resolve. Dr. Gleim's outlines are economically constructed with just enough content to kick-start your thought process, encouraging a proactive attitude. The result is an attack on the exam rather than attempt to survive it. Gleim helped me excel, as I am sure it will on an upcoming CMA exam.

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