CPA Hot Topic—Remembering to Make Lemonade Out of Lemons

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On Tuesday, we had computer issues, which also temporarily interrupted our phone service. If this caused you any inconvenience, I apologize. This was an unexpected crisis, but we were able to have everything restored relatively quickly. There is a lesson in this experience that you can apply to the CPA exam.

Whenever you sit for a section, you should always deal with the unexpected in a positive manner. When I took the CPA exam in 2006, my computer crashed during my Financial section. I was on my last multiple-choice testlet when it happened, and the proctor thought that I had lost everything. For a second, I got a knot in my stomach thinking I would have to take CPA FIN again and go through the stress of another test day. However, my test-taking instinct quickly set in and, instead of getting upset or frustrated, I took the opportunity to have a free break since the time clock was not winding down. I was able to use the restroom and even eat a small snack that I had in my locker. For a few minutes, I was able to mentally put the exam aside and relax.

In 2006, it was far more prevalent to encounter a computer glitch during the exam. I understand that it is fairly uncommon to experience computer issues today. Nevertheless, if something such as a computer problem occurs, do not let it affect you. Relax and try to make the best of it instead. As the saying goes, you need to make lemonade out of lemons.

There are six more weekends to study before the end of this testing window. If you haven’t signed up for a section, you should try to schedule one near the end of February, which should allow you enough time to adequately prepare. As always, please contact your Personal Counselor so (s)he can help you implement a study schedule that fits your personal needs.

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