How to Pass the CPA Exam Fast

When you think about taking the CPA Exam, do you feel the need for speed? How long it takes to pass the CPA Exam primarily depends on how much time you have to study, so there’s no pressure to move too quickly. Above all, the goal is to pass each section the first time. That said, it is possible to prepare at an accelerated pace for candidates willing and able to fast-forward the exam process. We’ll provide the mandatory moves and some sample study schedules so you can learn how to pass the CPA Exam fast.

How to Quickly Pass the CPA Exam

CPA Exam preparation is no different than preparation for a physical feat like running a marathon. To compete in such a demanding activity, you must commit time to getting yourself ready. You’ll spend this time training hard so you can whip your body into shape. In your pursuit of becoming a marathon runner, you could work out wisely by having a coach or following a known system, or you could just try to figure it out on your own. Without knowing anything about running a marathon, you probably understand innately that you’d save yourself a lot of time and perform better if you had a coach or followed a sound, well-thought-out program. Studying for the CPA Exam is the same.

Whether or not you want to break any speed records, you’ll have to take these vital steps to pass the CPA Exam fast:

  1. Use a CPA review course

    This is a must because a review course saves time. It spares you from plodding through the CPA Exam Blueprints alone in an effort to grasp the expansive CPA Exam content, and most courses offer a number of different resources to keep your study sessions fresh and engaging. A thorough review course covers all of the Blueprint content in a clear and concise manner. Relying on a CPA review course is the only way to get on the fast track to exam success, so determine the right course for you.

  2. Create and follow a CPA Exam study plan

    You won’t be able to stay in the CPA express lane without a CPA Exam study schedule. A study plan equips you to familiarize yourself with all of the exam content and get comfortable with the exam environment by your preferred test day. It’s key to maximizing your time early so you aren’t scrambling later. The faster you want to pass the CPA Exam, the more extreme your study plan must be. Because you can’t cut corners with your exam preparations, you’ll have to make sacrifices with your schedule instead. Brace yourself for a period of less entertainment, less socializing, and less sleep, but don’t worry! It will only last until you pass.

  3. Focus on your weak areas
    Devoting the majority of your review to unfamiliar or troublesome exam content is the best way to study for the CPA Exam. This strategy is both efficient and effective, as it directs you to study only what you need to for as long as necessary. You won’t be wasting time or energy on material you already know. Instead, you’ll reach expert status with all exam topics as soon as possible. Additionally, you often learn more from getting questions wrong and reading the answer explanations than you do from getting questions right. Strengthen your weaknesses by

    1. Taking a diagnostic quiz before approaching a new topic,
    2. Going back to the basics of the content you struggle with,
    3. Regularly quizzing yourself on that content, and
    4. Reading the answer explanations for the incorrect questions.

    You can adjust your exam prep to focus on your weak areas by yourself, but letting an adaptive CPA review course do it for you is much faster.

  4. Pass each exam section the first time

    Obviously, even one CPA Exam section fail will be a setback. But it can be a bigger setback than you might expect. The average amount of study time per exam section is 160 hours, and most successful candidates invest over 500 hours total in their preparations. You can’t retake your failed exam section until the next testing window, so months will pass before you get another shot. During that time, you’ll have to focus on both strengthening your understanding of the content you missed and maintaining mastery of the content you know. This can add a hundred hours or more to your already significant time investment.

CPA Exam Timing

Practicing with a review course, adhering to a study schedule, and passing the first time are the aspects of your exam timeline that you can control. But the CPA Exam process involves some steps you can’t speed up.

First, you must choose and apply to a CPA state board of accountancy before you can schedule the CPA Exam, and working with the different CPA partners to accomplish these essential tasks takes time. For example, the registration process is full of red tape and potential pitfalls. Furthermore, you can only take the CPA Exam during four annual testing windows, which include the first 2 months and the first 10 days of the third month in each quarter.

  • Q1: January 1 – March 10
  • Q2: April 1 – June 10
  • Q3: July 1 – September 10
  • Q4: October 1 – December 10

As you can see, there will be blackout dates during which you can’t test, only study. Also, you must schedule your exam at least five days in advance. It’s recommended that you schedule at least 65 days in advance to secure your preferred time and location, but if you want to pass fast, you can’t afford to be picky with your exam dates.

How to Pass the CPA Exam in 1 Year

Passing the CPA Exam in one year involves a moderate study plan that works well for candidates who’ve been out of school for a while and need a refresher on a fair number of topics. To accomplish this, aim to pass one section per testing window and budget approximately 10-12 weeks of study time per section. As mentioned, the average amount of study time required to prepare for each section is 160 hours. To log this many study hours in 10-12 weeks, you should study 13-15 hours a week at a rate of one and a half to two hours of study per day. However, the amount of time you need to study correlates to how your knowledge base, so you may need less time to study the relevant material that you know well.

Time Line

Weeks per Section

Hours per Week

Hours per Day

1 year



1 ½-2

How to Pass the CPA Exam in 6 Months

If you’re not currently battling through busy season and you regularly apply the relevant accounting skills, you can consider passing the CPA Exam in six months (which is generally how long your Notice to Schedule (NTS) is valid). This study plan is aggressive but feasible. To manage it, take one section at the beginning and another section near the end of two consecutive testing windows, budgeting approximately six to seven weeks of study per section (e.g., exam dates of January 2, February 14, April 1, and May 15). You’ll need to study 22-26 hours per week (that’s about three to three and a half hours of study a day) to stick to this schedule.

Time Line

Weeks per Section

Hours per Week

Hours per Day

6 months



3-3 ½

CPA Review for Passing the Exam Fast

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