Multiple-Choice Time Budgeting

This CPA Prep Tip concerns multiple-choice time budgeting.

As you practice multiple-choice questions using using the Gleim Online and Test Prep software, make sure you complete 20-question practice tests in 30 minutes. This includes going back and reviewing questions you’ve marked for review while you answered the questions. We recommend that you leave no questions unanswered during your first pass through the multiple-choice questions. Always mark your best guess in the time allowed.

In Auditing each of the multiple-choice testlets will be 30 questions in length and you should plan on completing the first pass through the questions in a little less than 45 minutes, giving you 5 minutes to check questions that you have marked for review. Be confident that our 20-question practice tests are better than 30-question practice tests. You will have no problem doing 30-question CPA tests in 45 minutes after you practice taking numerous 20-question tests in 30 minutes or less.