CPA Hot Topics – April 2014

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Hello, CPA candidates! Congratulations on surviving tax season. I’m sure we can all say we’re glad it’s over. Now you’ll probably take some much needed rest going into Easter weekend, but it will be brief and then you’ll need to redirect your focus to passing the CPA Exam. Remember, all this time and effort will pay off when you earn the CPA designation, as it will improve your professional life and allow you greater earning opportunities!

May 31 is the last testing day for this window, so you have well over 30 days to study for and pass one section by then. You might consider taking REG now while taxes are on your mind.

During June, a dead month when the exam is not offered, I suggest you study to take one section in early July. If you can pass that section and get it out of the way at the beginning of the July/August testing window, you can use the remainder of that time to study for another section and take it at the end of the window. What I’m saying is, you can easily check three sections off your list between now and August! If you’ve already passed one section, you can be a CPA in only four more months; if you’re just starting, you can make it in just six or seven.

If getting through all four sections of the CPA Exam in such a short amount of time makes you feel stressed rather than excited, don’t forget that Gleim has a proven and guaranteed review system, as well as a study planner and Personal Counselors, to ensure your success! There is no need to stress – simply follow your personalized study plan and look forward to a great career.

Do you have any questions or comments about this week’s Hot Topics article or the CPA Exam? Email me at Gleim Personal Counselors are available to help you develop a manageable study schedule and help you pass the CPA exam. Contact them at 800.874.5346, ext 498 or Take advantage of the opportunity to get help from our extraordinary team!

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