CPA Hot Topics – June 2014

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I hope everyone kicked off their summer with a great Memorial Day weekend and has had some time to spend with friends and family. Now that the April/May testing window is over and we’re entering a non-testing month, I want to talk to you about avoiding distractions. I know the holiday weekend probably got everyone excited about fun summer activities, and you may be tempted to procrastinate during the month ahead, but it’s important to not slack off and lose the valuable skills you’ve been developing. You should avoid skipping your study time over multiple weekends, and you should strive to study at least an hour or two each day.

The CPA Exam tests your accounting skill set and your ability to process accounting information. You are building on a skill set that you can easily lose if you have not yet achieved a high enough level of learning so that it has become a part of your long-term memory. Therefore, make sure you study multiple times per week, and never take off more than a couple of days between study sessions. If you are not going to be able to study for a stretch of more than a couple of days, you need to find a way to answer some questions, even if it’s only a 20-question multiple-choice quiz. You will have time to do that even on a family vacation, and you will be glad you did when you’re able to jump back into your regular study schedule quickly and easily once you return.

I have seen many candidates try to come up with a variety of excuses to avoid peer pressure distractions, and I have found that the most successful method to make friends and family understand your study-time needs is to be very direct and frank with them. I assure you that if you tell your friends or family that you need two or three hours on a certain day to complete a study unit so that you can pass the CPA Exam, which will lead to better job security and the likelihood of a raise, most will gladly let you off the hook.

I hope you have already set a date to sit for a section in the July/August testing window – or even 2 sections as I mentioned last month! Focus on the long-term benefits of passing your exams, such as enhanced job security and a better income, and you’ll really value your early summer study time. Remember, assistance from a Gleim Personal Counselor is included in the CPA Review System. Speak to your Gleim Personal Counselor today to help you set up your own Study Planner and stay on track!

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