Exam Process

Candidates have recently voiced complaints to Gleim about some aspects of the computerized CPA examination process. With each successive exam window these processes have become smoother, but we believe there is still room for improvement. The most common feedback we receive involves needed improvements in registration and score reporting. CPA candidates consistently complain that the registration process is too confusing, has too many steps, takes too long, and has too many variations between jurisdictions. Because scores take so long to be reported, candidates find planning ahead to be very difficult.

Gleim Publications is actively working with the AICPA, NASBA, and other review providers to improve all levels of the CPA examination process. In addition, our Personal Counselors assist numerous CPA candidates, such as yourself, to better understand and take advantage of the computerized CPA examination. Let us know how we can help you prepare for and pass the CPA exam. Call a Personal Counselor today at 1-800-874-5346, ext. 498, or email them at cpa@gleim.com.

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