How To Be In Control – Part 3

How to be in CONTROL on exam day.

Last week, I discussed a few examples of how to be in control on exam day. This week, I will conclude our discussion on how to stay in control on exam day.

Test Day Essentials. Take your Notice to Schedule (NTS) and two valid forms of identification with you. If you do not present acceptable identification and the required paperwork, you will not be allowed to take your exam.

Exam Time. Once you have checked in and are ready for the exam, read the exam instructions carefully. Remember, Gleim CPA Review emulates the exam environment, allowing you to concentrate on answering questions and maintaining time management.

Execute Your Game Plan. Answer the questions in chronological order, but mark any questions that you wish to review later. Utilizing the time management system that you practiced during your exam preparation, answer every question and then use your remaining time to carefully review each question you marked while remaining within your time budget for each testlet. If you made an obvious mistake, e.g., misread the question, make the correction. Do not, however, begin second-guessing yourself and changing answers.