Mental Preparation: Part 2

Mental Preparation
Part II: Leading Up to Your Exam Day

Last week we discussed physical preparation for your exam day. This week we will discuss how you can win the mental game. This is key to passing the CPA exam.

To fully prepare yourself for the CPA exam, you should practice in an environment similar to that of the exam itself. The Gleim CPA Test Prep software and Gleim Online emulate the exam environment so you can practice answering questions as you will see them on the actual exam.

Determine how much time you should take per question as you study using the Gleim Review System and stick to that schedule. Review our Time Management System for BEC, Regulation, Auditing, and Financial in our System for Success booklet.

Set aside a day to practice under exam conditions. Wake up at the same time you would for the exam and go somewhere quiet where you can practice answering questions from the Test Prep software. Work through the test the way you would on test day, i.e., turn off your cell phone, don’t listen to music, and avoid distractions. For candidates who listen to music while studying or study in an environment filled with with distractions (i.e., TV or a crowded study area), this step is crucial so you can practice in and adjust to the situation you will encounter at the exam center.

Plan your test day. Decide ahead of time when you will arrive at the testing center, what you will eat for breakfast, what clothes you will wear, and any other factor that will aid your performance. The night before the exam, set aside the materials you are bringing to the exam.

When you sit in front of the computer at the testing center and begin your CPA exam, make sure to use the strategies you have learned from the Gleim CPA Review System.