Pilot/Controller Glossary

2/28/19 Pilot/Controller Glossary PILOT/CONTROLLER GLOSSARY PURPOSE a. This Glossary was compiled to promote a common understanding of the terms used in the Air Traffic Control system. It includes those terms which are intended for pilot/controller communications. Those terms most frequently used in pilot/controller communications are printed in bold italics. The definitions are primarily defined in an operational sense applicable to both users and operators of the National Airspace System. Use of the Glossary will preclude any misunderstandings concerning the system’s design, function, and purpose. b. Because of the international nature of flying, terms used in the Lexicon, published by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), are included when they differ from FAA definitions. These terms are followed by “[ICAO].” For the reader’s convenience, there are also cross references to related terms in other parts of the Glossary and to other documents, such as the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM). c. This Glossary will be revised, as necessary, to maintain a common understanding of the system. EXPLANATION OF CHANGES d. Terms Added: ICAO 3LD ICAO Term ICAO Three−Letter Designator UNCONTROLLED AIRSPACE e. Terms Deleted: IFIM INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT INFORMATION MANUAL f. Terms Modified: CLASS G AIRSPACE INTERNATIONAL CIVIL AVIATION ORGANIZATION [ICAO] NOTICES TO AIRMEN PUBLICATION g. Editorial/format changes were made where necessary. Revision bars were not used due to the insignificant nature of the changes. PCG−1